Spirit: John the Beloved

Medium: Al Fike

Location: West Vancouver, BC

Date: October 12, 2015

I am John. There is nothing to fear, my beloveds. What comes before you is only Light, what awaits you is joy. Though the Earth may change, your lives may change and the conditions of humanity may press upon you, my beloveds, there is nothing to fear, for God has His Hand firmly upon you and His Protection is powerfully with you, my beloveds. And it is for you, my beloveds, to not allow these conditions of the world to hamper you upon your Path, but to walk in good faith and trust in the Will of God, and know that you walk in Light. And ask your Heavenly Father, when you feel besieged by the conditions of this world and those around you who struggle, ask Him to guide you to be a channel of Love and healing for those around you, to be strong in Light, and faith and Love. For in this way you bring healing and harmony, peace and joy. And for those who turn away from this Light, you cannot control their decisions, you must love them and accept their path and say a prayer that they may walk upon their path to a place of Light and true understanding.

I know this is difficult when you see your loved ones in pain and you want to change this condition, to envelop them and show them the Light. And you do in your prayers, my beloveds, you do and this is important and powerful to send your prayers to the Heavenly Father. For it is in His Great Wisdom and Touch and Love that those around you will find their way. It is prayer, my beloveds, and Love and acceptance. Do not judge, do not be afraid but walk in peace and know that all of God’s children are Loved by Him and will, in time, embrace all upon their journeys.

God bless you, beloveds, I am John and I love you and I am with you as you navigate this world, as you say your prayers and find that deep peace within yourselves. It comes when you are with God. God bless you, beloveds, God bless you.