Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 28, 2019
Location: Gibson, BC

It is indeed a great boon to the mortals of Earth who are able to work together with their soul mate in harmony and purposefully.  This gift is desired by many, but accomplished by few.  For the many avenues that a soul takes upon this world often does not bring a unity and a synchronicity amongst those who are soul mates for their life experiences are so different.  And yet the souls are drawn together are they not, drawn in love? If the differences can be overcome, if there is a willingness an openness and an opportunity to be together while on Earth, then this is indeed a great blessing and a powerful union that may bring powerful blessings and gifts.

It takes deep soul wisdom and faculties to understand and realize the presence of a soul mate. This is not someone who is compatible in the physical and mortal way of being in the world. This is something entirely different. Being soul mates, one half of a whole is a sacred and powerful union that may take may struggles and experiences, openings and awakenings to truly be realized.  It is often the case that one is quite developed within their soul, awakened and the other is not.  These dilemmas, the dilemmas of the material world that make for such complex problems often derail the possibility of soul mates working together in harmony.  I am not suggesting that it is impossible or unlikely, but it does require a great deal of effort, and indeed for soul mates upon the Earth to come together requires a deep desire and longing to do so.  For the conditions of the world will often create difficult problems and challenges.  Many fantasize and desire this great gift and want with a deep need to have this experience in life, but everything comes at a price my beloved friends and everything requires great effort and often sacrifices in order to be accomplished.

I say to you are you willing to put forth the great effort to have this gift come? And when it comes do you have the faculties and awareness within to know it is true? I am sorry to be somewhat skeptical in this regard, but I must to say to you that these possibilities of coming together as soul mates is often not as one wishes or imagines.  What it may bring instead are great challenges and also great possibilities.

So my beloved friends, there are many blessing in life and whether or not one has the blessing of sharing life with a soul mate there are many other opportunities and avenues for great happiness in life without such a gift.  When all is in alignment and all comes in love and there is equality in the relationship there is no deeper joy to experience such things in life.  May you be blessed with this blessing beloved souls, may you be blessed with many blessings.

God bless you beloved, God bless you.