Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 28, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

It is your teacher Augustine. May the Father’s Love continue to pour into your souls in ever greater abundance igniting the gifts and perceptions within so that you may be able to discern Truth at all times, know God’s Will and guidance at all times, be in the flow of God’s Will at all times. This is our desire for you, beloved souls, to know from that place deep within you all aspects and guided invitations and knowings that will inform your day as you seek to be the Father’s instruments of Love in your world.

When we speak to you, beloved souls, we speak of two worlds. One that is a world made of man in which all of humanity is creating the conditions and reality of your physical world and one that is the knowing and reality of the soul awakened by God’s Love. To marry these two together into a comprehensive perception of truth that is applicable to both of these worlds is challenging. You, beloved souls, continue to meet this change with each day in your prayers, in your thoughts, in your deeds. You continue to seek alignment with God, alignment between your minds and your souls, alignment with truth.

Your world is in turmoil. It continues to be in the darkness of this turmoil. Conditions of darkness continue to grow and accelerate in their effects upon your world bringing great pain and disharmony to many places in your world. We who observe from lofty places see the complexities of these conditions in a similar way that your mechanisms in space see the weather patterns of the world. Our eyes see similarly the patterns of the human conditions swirling about on your planet. From this, like those who give prognostications of the weather, so we attempt to give prognostications of the coming conditions that will challenge and disrupt the natural order of your world.

Using our soul perceptions, using what we receive in inspiration and guidance from God, empowered by His Love, we continue to speculate upon the future. For as your guardians, those who are deeply concerned for your welfare and the welfare of all mankind, we seek to know the answers to these deeper dilemmas just as you wish to know the answers to your own personal dilemmas. Our perspective is that of the world. We see much change coming, many responses from the very workings of your world that are an attempt to heal and rebalance what is upset and in turmoil.

We see the difficulties that are coming as the accumulation of dark energies continue to roil about in the human condition. We see God’s desire. We sense His desire to bring healing to your planet, to bring greater harmony and unity and wisdom to your world so that each soul may have a greater possibility of knowing Truth, of choosing Light, of being in a place that is in harmony with God’s Will and creation for each one.

So you see, these many layers of energies and movements, of interactions of the elements of your world, the co-creative efforts of many individuals in your world that are both of light and darkness. All of these complex conditions conspire to carry your world deeper into chaos, deeper into a point where all must shift and change towards Light and healing rather than the continuation of these conditions that we see so clearly upon your world. At times, we give to you as clear a perspective as we can regarding these things. We try to guide, to support, to protect, and to inform each of you as you are in motion, as is everything in your world, interacting, choosing, formulating, planning your next steps.

Indeed, you navigate difficult and erratic conditions that to you, through the eyes of your material selves and through your senses, see rather simply rather than the complexities that we see and acknowledge. Our messages to you, beloved souls, reflect the depth of the conditions that we detect and understand with each moment as time passes. Thus, we cannot give to you and convey to you a complete picture and that which we give and is often interpreted and somewhat distorted by those who valiantly step forward as channels. And so you see our dilemma, beloved souls. To bring truth and clarity is our goal, as is your goal to receive truth and clarity, to act together in this flow of Light, of Love that is connected to God’s Will.

Beloved souls, the chaos of the world continues to influence your understanding of your present and future. As such, our ability to bring clarity is often challenged because of the intensity and erratic nature of the earthly conditions.

The easiest way to understand what you must do is to be in alignment with God with each day. For the complexities and the challenges of one day are great enough for a soul learning to be in alignment with God. Thus, we often encourage you to walk with God with each day in faith and trust in what God guides you to do.

We realize that you desire to make plans for the future, that these practical considerations must be taken seriously and applied studiously to your efforts. In this, I can only say that you are the master of your own ship, beloved souls. We may tell you what is on the horizon. We may encourage you in certain directions so that your journey is not only smoother but more effective as a channel of Love in the world. But we cannot steer the ship for you, beloveds. This is your responsibility and it is a gift from God that you have within you a compass that will guide you through, along the direction that God intends for you, your path in life. Yet, we do warn and encourage, guide, and expound upon the changing conditions in your world. In all of this guidance, I urge you, beloved souls, to take it to your heart, to test whatever is given as Truth, to walk in the Light, the joyous Light of your at-onement with God. This is the only true compass and guidance that continues to uphold and truly direct.

As we attempt to bring further assistance, clarity to you through instruments and mediums, through inspiration, through many forms of communication to you, remember that the conditions of your world will invariably distort to some degree what is given. The fog of these conditions may at times be thick and impenetrable and at other times, a mist that brings a measure of clarity and understanding. So you must forgive the inaccuracies of guidance regarding specific events in your world. Often one comes to see these particular things as inevitable and precise. This is the way the human mind works and needs to lay down solid ground in order to understand truth. But I tell you, in terms of changing world conditions, nothing is solid nor is it easily predicted, yet we try to inform you as best we can with the understanding that you are, in many respects, somewhat inhibited in your ability to know and receive this type of guidance from us.

I cannot say that you have been led astray, my beloved souls. I’m sorry to say that much that we predict will come to be in time but time is fluid and events are fluid and so we cannot with all surety predict the future for any of you. We can give you some understanding of what we see, the trends and flow upon this river of time but our understanding of time is very different from yours, beloveds. We do not experience the cycles of day and night, the rhythms of your waking and sleeping. This is not our reality.

Ours is an expanded experience of life that would be very difficult to explain to you yet as you continue to open your souls, awaken to the reality of God and know the gifts that lay within you, you will come to see your life, this world, your reality in a way that is in greater alignment with us than with the paradigm of your world.

I do not know if I have clarified this question for you, beloved souls, but my wish is that you understand the complexities and the subtleties and the layers of understanding the flow and ebb of events in your world. We try to warn, to encourage, to prepare you for what is inevitable and in your human way, you thirst for details, you seek to be comforted, you seek to release yourself from fearful thoughts and concerns in times such as these. We who are with you attempt to do what you wish, which is for us to be close, for you to feel safe, for all to be in love and joy and harmony. For the most part, it is so.

You must be strong, beloved souls, strong and attuned to God, able to weather any storm, able to be a strong influence and light in the world so you may comfort many others and bring truth. This we know, God has a plan for the salvation of mankind. He will not allow the ship to be dashed upon the rocks and for all to be lost. His plan is for the salvation of mankind, to bring healing to this world, to bring peace to this world. This you have prayed for many times and this within your souls, you have beseeched God to be a part of this healing, to assist God in this great awakening and shift of your world.

Each of you will indeed find your place within this wondrous plan. We will indeed protect and insure that you may have the opportunities to serve humanity in times of crisis and confusion. You will be the rock, beloved souls, that others may lean upon in difficult times. You will be the source, beloved souls, of the new template that mankind must come to accept and work with for the regeneration of light in this world, for harmony and peace to be so.

I wish for you to be assured and confidant, to be at peace and know that all is well in hand. Though we cannot give you details of what is to come, we can assure you that the power of your faith and light within your soul and the desire that you have to serve and be in alignment with God’s Will, will protect you and guide you through these coming changes. God needs His servants on Earth to walk with their brothers and sisters with the strength and the beauty in a loving expression that will bring much comfort and truth to many.

Yes, my beloveds, God has blessed you deeply. You are truly loved. You walk upon the high road seeking for all that is of the highest. In this, you are precious and beloved souls in your world. God will assure your future in Light. This is what you must focus upon. Yes, when you feel guided to step forward to make plans and within your heart there is not a warning, a sense of apprehension, then I would encourage you to make your plans, to assume that all is well in God’s Will and Universe.

Though we cannot, nor can anyone, guarantee the fulfillment of your intentions, it is indeed important that you trust in your guidance. In all likelihood, your guidance will be fulfilled and your efforts will bring light. Do not hold yourself back with feelings of doubt and fear, wondering whether you are safe, wondering whether you are being led down the garden path, as you say, and are wrong in your assumptions. Every effort that you make in Light with the intention to serve God, to serve humanity will bring some measure of blessings. Even when your plans go awry, there are opportunities to learn and grow, to awaken yet greater parts of yourself, and strengthen your wisdom and your resolve.

So, my beloved souls, I will end my dissertation in hopes that you have been uplifted and assured that all that is within the flow and Will of God will be realized in God’s time, in God’s way. For you, beloveds, to listen and walk with the knowledge and truth and sense of harmony that comes with each drop of guidance, each desire to serve, each effort to be in the love, the flow of God’s Love.

May God bless you deeply, beloved souls. I am your teacher, Augustine, and I love you. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.