Spirit: John the Beloved
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 27, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, I am John the Beloved. Yes, you wonder about the flight of your souls as you sleep at night. Where do you go? Who do you talk to? Do you have purpose and mission during these times of sleep? God utilizes His instruments in many ways. When you are in this state of sleep, the mind is more relaxed and able to release its control, therefore there are more possibilities, flexibility in the movement of the soul in your world and in ours. For the veil between the two is very thin indeed.

So you move in your spirit body when you are within your sleep state, when that initial, very deep state comes. So you release yourself from your physical body with the silver cord attached and you roam and travel and meet one another. You meet your friends who are far away. You may even do some service that is guided which we accompany you with so that something is accomplished during this time.

Of course, the level of sleep and the duration of sleep varies with each day and so what is possible and what is asked of you may vary as well. There are some days where you sleep very soundly indeed and from the time you fall into that sleep state and the time that you awaken, much is accomplished if there are no interruptions.

This gives you some idea as to the complexities and layers of your existence. That when you take that time for the body to replenish itself, it does not mean that the soul and the spirit are inactive. In fact, in many ways, the soul and the spirit is more active during these times of sleep. The plans that we lay for you and the individual souls whom we plan to introduce you to are often given the opportunity to meet before your actual physical connection through the sleep state.

So you are very busy, beloved souls, in this condition that you often do not remember nor have any inkling of what has been accomplished or experienced in this state. At times, you have what you may consider interesting dreams as the mind attempts to integrate the experience of the spirit and bring it to consciousness. In most cases, this integration is distorted by the mind and your experience is unclear. Yet, there are times that you feel you have met an individual, a friend, a soul fellow who longs for connection with you and you for them and this is a clear recollection of this meeting. At other times, we draw you and others to a particular place in the world where your assistance is required for each of you are instruments of God’s Will and blessings for the world. You do subscribe to various tasks which many of you may participate and gather together to enhance the spiritual energies and light in a particular place. This allows we in spirit to come and minister to those who are in need. God blesses this, this beautiful effort to bring some change or some blessing to another or many others.

There is not a day that is wasted, beloved souls. There is always some time spent in this blessed state and condition of service and learning and growing. For there are times when you are learning from others, as well as times when you are teaching others. You are actually reaching greater numbers with the message of Divine Love in the world of spirit than those in the flesh. Those opportunities are many while you are in the sleep state.

This instrument through which I speak has been used many times even though he is not aware to teach the message of Divine Love to many souls. He may also be surprised to learn that he has been used as an instrument to speak through for the celestial angels in these circumstances.

You see, there are many layers and surprises, possibilities, creative expressions of your spiritual work that may be accomplished in the sleep state. Each of you is engaged in this. This has been part of your development and training as you have come together in these Circles of Light. For some, it has been many years. As you sit in these circles, so we prepare you and acclimatize you to these tasks at hand. Each time you are within this state of sleep, we experiment and you practice in your ability to travel and connect on this Earth plane and other planes of spirit.

As I’ve said, these are very precious and intense times in which you are being used as God’s instruments in the world. This does not tire you, beloved souls, or take any effort in the physical respect from you. The spirit bond enlivened by the Divine Love is vital. As you learn and grow in this Love, and we in spirit educate and train you and prepare you for this particular avenue of service, so you are enriched by this experience, you continue to grow the light within you by serving in this way. Yet, all the while, your mind may know nothing of this. You may have a sense, an inkling of these activities but in truth, there is very little awareness that is conscious. Now this may change as time progresses and you progress within your souls as these particular awarenesses grow within you and your soul perceptions increase.

There are those gifted who are aware of these experiences, so some will come to a clear understanding while others may never, but it matters not for we use you anyway. Many things are accomplished in many ways while not having the mind engaged or in expectation of this service and flow of love and blessings for your brothers and sisters so that there is an ease and fluidity to these efforts without the interference of the mind.

I hope I have answered your questions. I will stay a while to answer any questions related to this topic if you wish.

J: are there clinics, educational places for us to visit? Do our guides, do we establish a deeper rapport with our guides for personal development?

Yes, this state within the spirit body replicates what the experience would be like if you were discarnate and in your spiritual body in whatever spiritual condition you may pass over with. Therefore, there is a freedom to roam and experience these various places within the world of spirit, limited by your own soul growth. But nonetheless, there are many places and many experiences that you may have in the sleep state. Yes, you do communicate with your guides and teachers in this state. There are many conversations and opportunities to converse with your guides.

J: Would it be helpful to state our intentions before we fall asleep or ask?

Your souls know, beloveds, but in stating these things you may have more of a conscious awareness when you awaken so it does help the mindful awareness of these experiences. Yet, in this soulful condition with the spirit body, there are many things that you are aware of, many experiences that you anticipate and remember within the soul. These experiences and memories will come once you have passed into spirit. You will see how rich your life has been as you have experienced the blessings of the flesh and the earthly condition and the blessings of the spirit world which you experience each and every time you are in your sleep state. As we have told you often, there are many layers to your existence and many understandings that do not come fully to the surface of your awareness that are real nonetheless and have their bearing upon your experience of life and progression of soul. Great blessings come in this way as God continues to usher you along your road of awakening and soulful expansion in Love, such a blessing indeed.

J: So when we pass, the silver cord is broken. Is there, what kind of limitations in the spirit world are imposed by the silver cord?

Yes, that is correct. There are limitations and you are protected and guided in this state, always. Therefore, the silver cord cannot be broken while you are travelling in this way, but we cannot take you too far into the realms of spirit for this would be stressful upon your physical state and spiritual state. So therefore you are limited to a certain strata and levels of experience, though these are not by any means limiting to your growth and experience and service. There is much within this strata that you may experience and work and journey through. There are many blessings there, my beloveds, many blessings indeed.

L: Do we plan in the sleep state for what will happen in our physical lives on the Earth plane?

Yes, often you are aware of what is coming and this awareness seeps into your consciousness giving you a sense of your future and life experiences and circumstance. It is indeed true that many solutions to your problems and dilemmas may come in this way. They may come clearly and in this regard, it is important to pray for an answer to your questions or dilemmas.

L: Do we meet with others in the sleep state with whom we are having problems to resolve those?

If the other party is willing to meet, of course. These opportunities are taken to resolve and bring harmony for in the world of spirit. The fluidity of the possibilities and the movement and the connections between souls is very much enriched and with a great depth of possibilities.

M: Would that be the same for a person who has a different time zone? One person is in the wake state, another person is in the sleep state, how can they can meet?

This is a more complex matter but there are times when this connection is made. It does require a more sophisticated approach and as you have all experienced with your friends in other parts of the world, when you pray together, you have felt their presence and they have felt your presence. So this is one manifestation of this particular way of being together. But to have an extended period of communication and rapport with one another, it is far easier when both parties are in the sleep state and guided together in this way.

L: Are we more aware in the sleep state of our soul condition?

Yes, it is easier to be aware of your soul condition in the sleep state because you are not so inhibited by your mental condition and biases. There is still some influence by the mind, the material mind, but it is not so restrictive and therefore there is for each of you a great sense of freedom and expansion when you are in this state of soul travel.

Are we finished with our questions, beloveds?

(J: Never)

L: Well, thank you. You answered our sleep state question and our question about question and answers while you were here. Thank you.

I am very pleased to support you in this way, to be with you. Though I do not come to speak often, know that I am connected with you in many ways. And that indeed I tutor you all in your sleep state, as do many of us. We each carry a certain responsibility towards your spiritual betterment and do so with great care and love and attention upon your soul progression and the awakening of all your faculties, beloved souls. And so you see that this one state of awareness and experience is merely a portion of the entire flow of your spiritual and physical life. God has given you a great gift to be able to communicate on all different levels and ways together and with us, with God. Often, you come together in prayer when you are in your sleep state and experience, deep and profound awarenesses and inflowings of God’s Love, and many other things and blessings, many blessings.

J: I would love a lesson, more talk, on the chambers of our souls and soul awakening and how that happens but maybe this isn’t the time?

Yes, this is a different subject and we will try to make the arrangements to speak of this matter, though we have spoken many, many times of these things. It is difficult to describe what the soul is. You desire to bring things to a physical understanding, an image, something material in nature in order to know and relate to these truths. As for the soul, this is very difficult indeed, as there are no words nor any concepts that are accurate in order to describe the very nature of the soul. But we will attempt to assist you in this journey of further awakening and knowing of these matters.

But for now, I will say, God bless you, beloved souls. May you continue to search and seek for Truth, for the highest, for the greatest of blessings, that God’s Love may continue to pour into your souls, this ever, never-ending blessing that continues to nourish and awaken and bring to you great insight and Truth, that this Love. That this Love may embrace you and bring you deep peace and joy, wisdom and Truth. May God bless you. I am John and my love is with you. God bless you.