Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 29, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

There is much to impart to you regarding what you call Divine Love mediumship. So I will continue upon my discourse. It is been often said amongst you mortals, that you have a long way to go in regards to your journey to God and your awakening of the soul. I say that all mortals and spirits and even Celestial angels, have a long way to go to God. For the soul, gifted with the Father’s Divine Love, is on an eternal journey to at-onement with God. Though you may measure this journey upon the earth, the awakening of your soul in your earthly life, although in the space of eternity it is not that much further than we in the Celestial Heavens. So I would suggest to you, beloved souls, do not measure your progress, but be attuned to your soul each day. Have deep appreciation of the experience that you have in the moment, in your relationship with your Heavenly Father, in your relationship with yourself. Yes each day is a day of progression, a moving forward in light, of learning, growing, experiencing and living. When you start each day with prayer, you begin the journey of that day well.

Now in regards to mediumship, and all manner of communication with spirits, there are basic laws involved regarding communication and rapport. These laws are not dissimilar to a mortal who is pursuing communication with natural love spirits and one who is communicating with Celestial angels. It requires the same effort and discipline, awareness and gifts. For these gifts are imbued within the functioning of the brain and body chemistry. There are the physical and mental attributes that are required to be open to communication with spirit. Yet, as has been discussed, there is a difference in the motivation and condition of the soul in regards to this communication. We have said to you many times, seek for the highest, to be focused upon your desire, to be open to the angels of the Celestial Heavens. As we have explained many, many times, this door is opened through prayer to receive the blessing of Divine Love. This is the difference. A natural love mortal may at times be in communication with a Celestial angel, but unless the Light of Divine Love and its transformative effects upon the soul are present with that mortal, then this communication is somewhat haphazard.

If you truly desire to be a Divine Love medium, you must venture upon the Divine Path, seeking your connection with the Creator, walking close to God, as close as you may in prayer, in thoughts, in awakening your soul by asking for this gift. So you may wonder, what are the differences between those who pursue mediumship and communication upon the path of the natural love and the path of the Divine Love? In essence they are the same, but these fundamental differences exist: everything that you are and everything that you do, is affected and blessed by the light that you carry within your soul. When you seek to build the light within your soul, to open your soul to God, to ignite the ultimate communication, which is to the Creator, and to receive through that avenue, that conduit, the Essence of God flowing into your soul, then the quality and type of communication that is opened is predicated upon love, Divine Love, not natural love, but Divine Love.

Without the power of Divine Love within you, this communication is not particularly possible. Yes, the angels do reach out to many mortals and there are many efforts to communicate, but often the mortals upon the natural love path do not recognize or understand the truths that the angels bring. They do not, nor have not, had the experience of receiving the blessing of Divine Love. Or if they have, it has been unrecognized in a conscious way, leaving a very difficult scenario for communication. When the mortal has experienced the inflow of God’s Love in a conscious way and pursues the journey of soul awakening, there is a deep recognition from the soul. The soul then begins its efforts to first touch and communicate with the material mind , seeking acknowledgement, seeking communication, seeking the flow of information between these two parts, these two consciousness, one of the mind and one of the soul. We, your guides and teachers, help to facilitate this awakening of consciousness.

God reaches your soul, continuing to awaken the faculties within. So the process beings. The machinery of the soul starts to integrate with that of the mind. So these faculties and abilities of the mind, which you call mediumship, are also transformed by the Love of God. As the soul awakens and this energetic influence, this Light, continues to infuse every part of your being, the mind then is enhanced and changed by this new energy gifted to the mortal. Yes, it may be a slow process, the incremental reshaping of the soul through the blessing of this Love, this energy, but with each drop of this gift, there is a change that reverberates out into all parts of your being.

You are being changed in many ways. Many aspects of who you are, many gifts that are within your material brain and your soul, are affected by this Love. The integration of the mortal with all its attributes, and the soul with all its attributes, begins with the very first drop of this gift of Divine Love and the process grows and strengthens. The effects multiply and deepen with each prayer that is successful in receiving the gift of Divine Love. The awakening of the soul begins in earnest. The mortal comes to this awareness, noting the changes from within, noting different inclinations and motivations, noting at first a faint glimmer of communication with their angel friends as this too grows.

The rapport between the mortal and the angel deepens as the soul awakens. This may grow quickly or may not, depending upon the choice of the mortal and the inclinations of the mortal. For as in all mortals, the mind has precedence and is powerful and tends to have dominance over this process, at least in the beginning. Yet with fervent prayer, the building of deep faith in God and the recognition and acknowledgement of the soul, the mind begins to acquiesce, and the gifts, propensities and attributes of the soul, emerge in a conscious way. In this flowering of great gifts and attributes, there is communication with spirit, the Celestial angels. In some cases, this rapport and connection with a Celestial may be very intense and come with the result of the deep rapport, thus mediumship may emerge in some form. When I say mediumship, I mean that there is clear communication. There is a deep awareness, a certainty. Though the mind may have trouble recognizing and accepting this other form of communication, this newly born avenue and conduit that can receive information of all types, qualities, from we in spirit, there must come a time when the recognition, the power of the experience, must come clear and be accepted.

When this conduit of information is clear and strong, there indeed is a strong possibility that this sort of mediumship, which you refer to as trance mediumship, may take place. Some are more susceptible and gifted in this regard. But this is, as you well know, not the only gift that is possible which brings forth communication. Each mortal in your world has some gift that will open and bring clear communication with the Celestials, provided their souls are enlivened with the Divine Love. Many things are possible with this gift, for this gift brings many gifts. Allow yourself to be open and receptive to what God has to give to you in these beautiful openings of the soul and openings of the mind, all merging together in harmony, all influenced by love.

There is much that awaits every mortal and every spirit who journeys upon this path. But it is not the material mind that is of great concern here. The qualities of the mind are a factor in trance mediumship, but they are not the predominant aspect that will facilitate communication. It is the Divine Love and the soul. You will see, each of you will see, as you progress along this path, what I refer to. Your experiences will be unique and different to the next, but many blessings will come, many blessings indeed.

So I bless you upon your journeys, my friends. May you continue to awaken within your souls and may your minds continue to accept what comes in this awakening. May you know peace and harmony, love and joy on this journey. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem and I love you. God bless you.