Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 24, 2019
Location: Homosassa Springs, FL

I am Confucius. We continue with our healing sessions together, do we not, beloved children? We continue to help support and uplift, to bring healing to the body, peace to the mind, exulted love to the soul. We will bring souls of light into your midst. Souls who are seeking and hunger. Souls who are curious. Souls who wish clarity, understanding of truth. We will use you, beloved souls, to speak these words, to demonstrate the truth of God’s Love, to be harbingers of love and comfort. For each of you has a beautiful soul and God uses that soul in many ways that you are not aware. You walk upon God’s chosen path of love and you carry the matter of truth with you as you walk bravely into many conditions, praying to be used as an instrument of love and blessings for others, beseeching God to bless your loved ones, beseeching God to bless this world, to carry you ever upward in light and that the world may ascend into light. Thus, you become God’s harbingers of truth, His instruments of peace, that you bring love and show the way to eternal love.

Each of you is in need of sustenance of your spirit bodies and your physical bodies to strengthen you and bring you beyond those places of pain and difficulties. We will assist you, beloveds, as you continue to offer your services for the betterment of those who are willing to come and partake of the bounty of the Father’s Love. So, you will be blessed, beloved souls. All that you require will come in bountiful measures, in waves and flows of love and healing upon you, increasing your faith. For all the moments you are together you will experience the Grace of God amongst you and amongst your brothers and sisters. There is much to do, beloved souls, much to carry into light and you will do so for God has chosen you to do so, has he not and given you the opportunities to be His Instruments? When you serve God with humility and grace and deep commitment, so you will be blessed accordingly.

God bless you, beloveds, I am Confucius. I will uphold you, beloved souls, for my love for you is great. My commitment towards you and your efforts grows as your commitment grows. God’s Love, His Hand, rests upon you, beloveds. You carry the flame of the Father’s Love. The highest of all blessings, the greatest of all truths is yours. You know this, so very deeply, you know this and will continue to proffer these great blessings to many. God bless you, beloved souls, be comforted that the angels surround you. That you are indeed held in light and your loved ones shall be protected and blessed in light. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls, Confucius loves you dearly.