Spirit: Mark
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 29, 2019
Location: Burnaby, BC

I have the blessing and honour to be the guardian of this church. Though I reside within the Celestial Kingdom, God has blessed me with this task. I welcome you all to these halls of light that extend out and up into the realms of light and love. So, my beloved brothers and sisters, you bask in a great beam of light that showers upon you many blessings. Much light, colours, warmth, upliftment, and peace are all within this beam, this blessing from God. For you, my beloved brothers and sisters, live in a shadowy world that is not infilled with these blessed energies, this Touch from God. So, when you come to a place such as this, we bring as much as we can, as much as you attract to this place to uplift you and heal you and bring to you insight and inspiration so that you may continue to thirst for this light, for the Love of God which is a real and powerful energy, a blessing for your soul.

This is what draws you, my beloveds. Your souls thirst for this touch. You come together. Some of you are strangers. Some of you know each other well. Some of you know of this blessing very well and some do not. But at this moment, you are bonded in love and light and sharing something very sacred and beautiful. May you be blessed accordingly, beloved souls, in accordance to your willingness and openness to receive these bountiful blessings that will awaken your souls. Something that very few on your Earth understand.

What is your soul? What is this gift, this thing that God has put within you? Yes, it is life. For without a soul you would not live. But there is much more to this wondrous part of your being than you could understand in a lifetime. For we who have explored the soul know that it is a never-ending awakening and process of understanding. The gift of the soul is something so complex and full of facets and chambers and aspects that it would take a very, very long time to truly understand and explore these parts of yourselves. But in many cases, the soul remains unawakened. This gift of Divine Love brings to your soul the nourishment it requires to bring it to life so that all these facets of which I speak may come to your consciousness and be expressed through your being.

This journey is the greatest journey of all. To really and truly understand this part of yourself that remains a mystery to so many. Upon this journey, we from the Celestial Kingdom will accompany you provided you put your step forward in faith saying to God, “I am willing to open myself to you, to forge a relationship with you, and to come to know you”.

This comes in prayer. This comes with leaving all of your material thoughts behind and opening yourselves up in true communion with God. If you can do this, beloved souls, if you are willing to try, you will have the resources of Heaven to uplift and uphold you in this. I assure you, that any sincere effort made will bring untold blessings to each of you.

The world is changing, beloved souls. There are many changes that are coming. Those who have a strong faith in God and are willing to open themselves up to God’s guidance and blessings and protection will become the leaders of this world when these changes come and wipe away all that is not in harmony with God’s creation. For a great and deep wisdom is needed to guide humanity back from the brink of darkness to a place of harmony and balance, of goodness and light.

So, we come to speak to all souls who are willing to listen. Awaken, beloveds. Awaken to God. Awaken to your heritage that is and will be the many gifts that God has to give to you. It will come as a whisper and a breath. It may come as a mighty inflowing into your soul. But whichever way it comes, it is a gift that will remain and will change you. Its power is immense. The wonderment of the Essence of God placed within your soul is a great and beautiful awakening.

Beloved souls, there is nothing greater, nothing more beautiful, nothing higher than this gift and blessing. So now will you join me in receiving the Father’s blessing of Love? Allow this gift to inflow into your souls. Its warmth and upliftment can be felt. Open yourselves, beloveds, and step upon this path, this journey of soul awakening that will in time bring you to at-onement with God. The door opens and the light floods in, beloveds. Drink deep. Breathe in this glorious touch.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Mark. I am with you in your prayers. God bless you.