Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 14, 2019
Location: Monroeville, Pa

I am Mary. I have come with the light of my dear son who brings his love and blessings to you. I have come to speak to all of you who are beautiful souls and desire to give love and nurturance to all those you meet. This is the work of my son. You follow his doctrine when you bring love into whatever you do during your day. When you see need that you respond in love and generosity and grace, you do his work. When you put aside your fears and biases in favor of stepping forward in love and helping your brothers and sisters to be uplifted, whether you give food, whether you give counsel, whether you comfort, whether you teach, all is done in love will be blessed. When you give in this way so God blesses you, beloveds, and awakens your souls to His Will.

Walk in light, beloved souls. Carry the flame of truth. Continue to awaken your souls in truth and to come to know the great blessing of His Love. God is eager to bless you deeply, beloveds. Know that the angels of Heaven continue to come and walk beside you as you continue to seek light, to serve God, to know truth, to be His blessed channels of love. These are the rewards you seek, beloveds. This is what your souls long for. This is the way to redemption and peace and joy.

Gather the souls, beloveds. Gather your brothers and sisters. Many of them are in pain and are confused and seek solace and peace. Gather your brethren into light and embrace them with love. This is God’s work. This is the work of my son. This is the work of the angels, all working together to bring light to this world, healing, peace and truth, to help all souls reach into light from the darkness of their own human condition. This is our work and we invite all who are strong enough and willing and are of faith to step forward and serve God by touching those in darkness by listening to God’s Will so that

they may be an instrument of God’s Will. In this way, many opportunities and doors will open to you, beloved souls, and bring to you many blessings, many gifts, much light, the nourishment of your soul, and great joy, boundless joy. Seek to serve God in love and all else will fall into place. Your lives will be a harmonious outpouring of love as your souls awaken, and to the truth and the power of life will be manifest in your life.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Mary and I love you, beautiful souls all who continue to place their thoughts and intentions, desires, and prayers, towards truth and light and love. You are precious in God’s sight and deeply loved. We will continue to support and guide and influence you upon that path. God bless you, beloveds. I am Mary and I love you deeply. Beloved souls, you are loved. God bless you.