Spirit: Solomon
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 6, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Solomon and I have come to speak to you my son ( R………..), for you are in need of my guidance and indeed, I do guide you in your life.

Your mind speculates on many things. You have a deep craving to know from the intellectual faculties of your mind the truth. You have explored many things and ruminated upon many ideas and yet you are not satisfied with the answers you have obtained in this way. In parallel with this, your soul continues to grow in the Father’s Love. Your soul becomes awakened by God’s Touch. You have been told this many times and you understand with your mind, the truth comes with the awakening of your soul. For it is your soul mind that will truly understand and know as God feeds you the truth with His Love. As your connection grows, your love for God grows in prayer.

Your eagerness, my son, often creates obstructions to the true knowing that comes from the soul. You have some understanding that comes, some feelings that come from the soul to your conscious self, but you have not learned to trust these things. Your mind continues to dominate and, in this domination, comes a mistrust of this source of wisdom. So you struggle back and forth between mind and soul, between the two minds within you, and this causes a great deal of tension within. This shall be resolved, my son, in time as your soul further awakens in the Love.

So, these truths, your comprehensive understanding of the universe will come drop by drop. God seeds your soul with the Truth. God awakens wisdom within you. God continues to beckon you forth.

Your struggle is the struggle of all mankind to trust within that deep place, that the wisdom of the soul will show the way. For the wisdom of the soul comes from its relationship with God and God’s Will and Truth and Love flows forth into the vessel within you and must awaken the faculties that await.

Give yourself up to your faith and trust in God and all things shall be delivered unto you my son, all answers, all knowings, all seeings, all understanding shall be delivered unto you. For seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven and all things shall come unto you my son. It is a truth.

Have patience, be kind and gentle with yourself. Love yourself and love those who are around you. For those mortals and spirits who are eager to feed you with their version of truth, I say, pray for soul discernment. Pray for true understanding and go to God for your truth, for the Source shall give you what you require. Those who are eager to put their stamp upon your consciousness are not able to satisfy the true desires of your soul and this is the source of your restlessness and eagerness to know. Not your mind, my beloved, beautiful son, but your soul seeks truth, motivates you forward and this is because God whispers into your ear, urging you to grow, to learn, to love, to be in harmony and peace.

If you can clear away the speculations of your mind and go innocently to God as a child seeking the truth that you so desire to know, to understand, it will come. Discipline the urges of your mind beloved son, quell the fires that burn within and seek to be with God. This is the way of Divine Love and this is the way to truth, truth absolute, truth deep and abiding, truth that can be utilized for the benefit of your life, wisdom that will be the guiding force of your life, love that will touch everything in your life. These simple things are what you need beloved son, what your soul craves. Let go of those keen desires and ambitions of the mind. They will only lead to more questions, will only open the door to more information that is not altogether truthful but often contradictory, and this does not bring peace and this does not bring wisdom. It captures you within the whirling energies of the mind, forever spinning, craving knowledge, seeking illusions, wanting to believe and yet never truly knowing. Release these conditions, beloved son. Go to God in humility. Seek His Grace, His Touch, the peace that passes all understanding and trust that all will come in its time.

Do not argue with others. Respect their positions, their ideas, but this does not mean that you should adopt what your mind believes is a sound argument, but your soul knows is not true. This is where discernment comes beloved son, knowing the difference, feeling deep within you a sense of truth and releasing all those conditions and ideas and thoughts that originate from the condition of mankind, the mental fabrications so very present in your world yet are mostly born from the imaginations of mankind.

Know the truth, my son. You are ready to know, to accept with gratitude these subtle yet powerful drops of Truth that God places within your soul and begin to build that structure of Truth that comes from the soul. You will be guided as to how to do this, to accomplish this task, for you are meant to teach many the Truth. When your mind is settled, and your soul predominates, God will send you on many missions to teach, to demonstrate the Truth.

In your speculations and journeys you have come to know many ideas and the journeys that others take and this is helpful inasmuch as you will have deep empathy for the speculations and concerns of humanity, knowing so many of these trials and tribulations which the seeker must take in order to find truth. You will have great love for the seeker of truth. This is a gift that you have beloved son, to understand the machinations of the seeking soul and to bring comfort and the power of truth to those who seek. This is coming, my beloved son. You continue upon your journey and yes, we see your struggles, your dilemmas, your desire for freedom from that which burdens you. In time all will be resolved and will come into harmony.

Life is a test. It tests the strong and it tests the weak. Each must struggle in their own way, must test the truth in their own way, must find resolution and peace in their own way. When you engage God in this struggle and seek His Touch, His healing to bring resolution to what dilemmas you face, then you act upon faith, you act with trust, you act as an innocent child saying,” I cannot resolve this by myself, I need my beloved Heavenly Father to show me the way and I will give up my own ambitions and ideas and speculations for this solution of the problem to make way for God and what will come with His wisdom and blessing upon me”.

This is your challenge my son. You continue to move from one camp to the other, back and forth between these two ideas and consciousness. May you seek the truth always my son, and choose to be with God. Peace will come. Understanding will come as your soul grows and awakens in the Love of God.

God bless you. I am Solomon and I am with you. I am with you often to help to bring wisdom to your soul. God bless you.