Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 13, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

Yes, you can see plainly the changes that are happening in your world, how the earth is imbalanced and needs to come back into balance, back into harmony with the rhythms and cycles that God has created in your world. These conditions will unfortunately intensify, as so many blindly ignore the warnings and the manifestations that have come because humanity has not lived in this world with a sense of love, kindness, respect, wisdom. Beloved souls, God compels you and every soul in this world, to seek to uplift your thinking and to uplift your souls in love. That you may walk the world in peace and harmony, in wisdom and love. What greater thing can you do at this time than to do this; to pray and be close to God, to seek to be in harmony within yourself and at harmony with the world.

So little, so little knowledge and wisdom exists in the world. Yes, there is material understanding and there are marvelous inventions and creations that mankind has brought to this world. Yet there is so little knowledge of the true purpose of life and the true reason why this world exists, why you exist. It is this kind of wisdom, this understanding, that comes from deep within you, that will save the world. It is not more inventions, more ideas, more efforts to build a great structure that magnifies the conditions of mankind. This will not bring the solutions that you require, beloved souls.

Each soul must delve deep within themselves, though many will find pain and emptiness. It is important for each soul to be honest with themselves, to realize that changes must be made within. With this realization, may they come to the conclusion that they require assistance. That they require something greater than themselves to overcome these conditions of darkness that are within. God awaits every soul’s true desire to connect and be in harmony with Him, with the Creator. In this way, solutions will come, wisdom will come, peace will come. But until humanity is honest and true to those deep knowings within themselves, there cannot be true change in the world.

For you, beloved souls, who know the key to awakening the soul, to receiving the Divine Love, you must strive to be examples. You must continue that life long journey of awakening, of healing, of truth, and knowing your relationship with God. For this too is a key that will unlock the dilemmas of mankind. You must assure those you know that God has a plan, that there is a great effort afoot to bring about the salvation of mankind, to bring this world back into harmony and balance, to bring greater truth, greater love. In this way, all the misguided ideas of mankind will fall away and truth will reign supreme in your world.

I know you all long for this. You are sensitive enough, awake enough to realize that there is something deeply wrong in your world and that solutions must come, change must come, harmony must come. Yet you are a very small minority in this world. Many are not strong enough to look. Many prefer their illusions and many seek endless distractions. Then there are so many in your world who live a life of deprivation. There is a deep sadness in those who have nothing and see no way forward in their life. You must pray for these lost souls. You must pray for the leaders of your world. You must pray for those who are suffering, confused and in darkness. For without the upliftment that must come for all the children of this world, there is no hope. There is nothing to grasp to steady mankind in this endless and circuitous walk through life.

There is so much work to do my beloved souls. So much that needs to be done to awaken mankind to the truth. You must pray earnestly and intensely for the power of God’s Love to continue to heal and uplift you, to strengthen you, to bring its wisdom, to bring those perceptions, the compassion, the Love so that you may see all your brothers and sisters in this light of Love. In this way you will indeed find ways and means to assist the awakening mankind.

God will guide you, beloved souls. Within your awakened soul, you will hear and know the Will of God. Within your awakened souls, you will see the road clearly, the road to service, the road towards healing of many and the reclamation of this beloved planet. Yes, there is an endless flow of wisdom that comes from God. As your soul is magnified with His Essence, that wisdom may come to you and may illuminate you and show you the way.

This you must teach, beloved souls. These simple truths, the power of love, the power of God’s Love to awaken humanity. For the world needs this Truth more than ever. The suffering continues to multiply, darkness, confusion, pain and violence and all the conditions of the world that conspire to bring greater destruction to this world. The world needs you, beloved souls. The world needs all who are willing to live in the light, to speak the truth, to walk as a channel of love. Though your walk may be gentle and quiet, it is the light that you carry that pushes back the darkness.

Remember this, beloved souls: no matter what situation you are in in your life, it is your efforts in prayer, your desire to serve, your continued awakening that brings change to this world. Though your overt actions in service are important, remember it is the light that you carry and the light that builds within you that will have the greatest effect and will inform your journey and your service in this world. So, earnest prayer will bring you to that place where you may truly be an instrument of change and light in the world.

The world needs you beloveds. God needs you. Your souls ache and long to fulfill their purpose and destinies. Listen to your souls. Listen to God. Seek His Love. Seek to be strong and clear. Walk with integrity and truth. Be humble and gentle. Be a child of God.

God bless you my beloveds, I am Seretta Kem. I have great love for you. I have great love for humanity and for all the lights in this world who struggle to maintain their light, to grow their light, to be a light in the world. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls. I am with you often. God bless you.