Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 13, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you beloveds, I am Confucius. May His Love find a constant inflowing into your souls. May you find your way in this dark world that your path may be lit by God, that you may know deep within yourself the journey you must take, the path that is indeed in harmony with God in His boon. Many blessings come to you beloved souls and many more shall come. For God does not withhold His Love and blessings to His children but beseeches each child to partake of what God has to give, this great onrushing flow of love and light, peace and healing. This bounty is unlimited but merely limited by you and your desire to receive in prayer and supplication. Seek these blessings, beloved souls. Open yourself completely to the presence of the Creator and know the peace that passes all understanding.

Beloveds, God is with you. Seek His Touch and know His Love and all will be well. Confucius loves you and blesses you with a mantle of peace and a great beam of light that pours down upon you. God bless you. Bless you beloved souls. God bless you.