Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 20, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Augustine, your teacher. Indeed, you see the outward manifestations of man’s condition, a result of humanity’s lack of love for their planet, for themselves, for one another. For when love is present, there is harmony and when the human condition intensifies as it has, and the viewpoint, perspective, of most in your world is that of the material, and a great desire for the accumulation of wealth with no concern for the effects upon your earth and upon your brothers and sisters, there comes outward manifestations of the disharmony that exists in your world.

I am sorry to say that it will intensify, that humanity has not yet come to a place of recognition, of love, of that which should be held sacred, your mother earth, each and every soul upon this planet and understand that the laws of creation that govern the workings of your planet, of your souls, your spirits bodies, your physical bodies, all function within the workings of the laws of creation. Yet, the power that mankind wields in the world, because each of you has the gift of free will, is great enough to upset the balance in your world. The momentum of this imbalance builds and carries with it a great destructive force. As you see, the fires burn, the earth rumbles, the waters rise, all manner of havoc upon the world continues to take place. Yet, humanity buries its head in the sand, too fearful to look, too apathetic to act.

The lack of love in your world, beloveds, continues to fuel the unfortunate circumstances that you see yourselves in. In the minds of so many they wish to point fingers and blame others. Yet, you are all complicit in these conditions to some degree. This is because the momentum and power of the condition of humanity is so great that it is indeed very difficult to stop and correct this terrible imbalance in the world.

We, from the Celestial Heavens, have a great compassion for you, seeing as we do the many layers of darkness and inhumanity, of lack of love. It is truly dark and discouraging for us and for you, my beloveds. Yet we soldier on, do we not? We continue to pray for this world and to act where we may to bring light and healing and comfort in the world, as do you in your efforts to help nullify these conditions and bring light.

I do not wish to discourage you in this regard, I wish to encourage you. For God has a plan, beloveds, for the salvation of mankind. It is a vast plan and it is in motion. I wish to give you hope, but I cannot tell you that the changes that are coming and the reactions that will be felt in your world will not make the transition from the disharmony to harmony easy for anyone in your world. But those who have nourished their souls, who have gathered wisdom, who are strong and of good faith will be able to weather these storms more readily and, in their way, with their gifts and blessings, will be a great channel for change, for light, for healing and comfort.

You must pray fervently my beloved, beautiful students, for the inflow of the great Divine Love of God. For without this gift, you are weak and incapable of being used as a channel, an instrument for change and love in the world. It is your prayers beloveds, most of all your prayers, that will help and assist God in making these changes and bringing the balance and harmony back to your world.

Do not pray out of fear. Do not pray out of guilt. Pray with faith and joy. For it is in this opening and joyful acknowledgment of God, receiving His Essence within, that the power required to heal your world will come to each soul who sets himself a task of prayer, who puts above all else the necessity to be in alignment with God and to receive the great blessings of His soul.

When all these changes and adjustments come to pass, peace again will come to this world. Who will be a part of those who are wise enough, attuned enough, strong enough to lead their brothers and sisters to the wisdom that is required, to the knowledge that exists but is unknown, to the strength and tenacity to rebuild in light and harmony? Who is willing? It will not be those who are in power at this time. For, this illusion will be swept away. Those who have lived a life that is filled with God and truth and love, will be protected by God’s Hand, shown the way forward, given what is required to survive and to flourish in the dawning awakening and healing of this world. Yes, what you see before you in these earthly changes, merely foreshadows what is to come.

We, in spirit, have worked diligently to try to assist mankind in avoiding these unfortunate circumstances and yet, a deaf ear is given to the greater wisdom of the angels and the higher spirits. As has been the case from the beginning, humanity has felt that it has all the answers, all the power it needs, all the latitude and the resources to go alone into this world and make it in their own image. This is a grave mistake, one that carries deeply unfortunate consequences. For mankind is not complete without God.

Within humanity are a great many potentials and gifts, a soul that is capable of communing and communicating with God. Yet these virtuous resources, these wondrous abilities, these gifts that God has given humanity, are very much ignored and misunderstood. For those who take on a religious life, it also carries with it much error and misunderstanding of the laws of God’s creation. This too has set humanity on a dark road. A road that on one hand encourages prayer and connection with God, but on the other hand, seeks control and uses energies that are unloving, concepts that in many cases are evil, to guide humanity.

You, beloved souls, are very blessed to be free of these conditions, to seek a higher road, to know the avenue which you must walk to at-onement with God. In this way, you have brought into yourself deep wisdom, an understanding of the soul, a relationship with your Heavenly Father that is an important asset in your life and has the potential to help many in their struggles towards truth, healing, and light. You must share these truths with others. You must encourage your brothers and sisters to open their hearts to God, to seek His blessings in all their abundance, to come to know God and His Love intimately, to be in the light. In this way, all that is coming will not blow you to the ground and sweep you away. No, my beloveds, you will stand steadfast and you will show the way to many others how to avoid the worst of these conditions, how to change your life to a life more in harmony with God’s creation and His Love.

We have prepared many of you for many years for this task. The work begins in earnest, beloved souls. Although you do not see much change, as of yet; God does not bring such destructive forces all at once, it comes gradually, allowing adjustment but it will come inevitably. For mankind has made his choice, and has chosen to stand alone, in many ways. So, the assistance that is offered by God and His angels is ignored, unseen, unacknowledged, not because mankind has been given the choice, but because the choice is not known, nor acknowledged and this is in itself a great tragedy.

This is why we ask you my beloved, beautiful souls to speak of this choice in the world, to awaken those you can from their slumbers so that they may see that the time for action, for prayer, for efforts to bring wisdom into your souls, is now. There is no other way beloveds. There is no other way. For the forces that are coming, bringing the changes that are inevitable, are too great for humanity to acquiesce. It is for God to quell these fires, floods, earthquakes, and all forms of catastrophes. Humanity is without the power, the knowledge, the wisdom and the strength to change this dreadful onslaught.

These conditions have been created for many, many years, millennia upon millennia and you live in a time where you will see that the flood of God’s Living Waters will push back the darkness and bring peace again to your world. You will witness this in your lifetime, beloved souls and you will weep with joy after all has been rectified and come to harmony. This is not a sad time, beloveds, but a time to rejoice for the healing of your world. It is coming.

Pray beloveds. Pray for yourselves, pray for your children, pray for your loved ones, pray for this world. For God wants many of His children to continue, to flourish within this beautiful creation of a world. And they shall do so, provided they come to God in a deep desire to know Him and to be in harmony with Him.

Those who will not survive these conditions will continue to grow and have their life in the world of spirit. In God’s Love and mercy for mankind, there is always a way towards light. None are condemned to darkness, but given ample opportunity to be in light, to flourish in love. So, it is in this world many opportunities are given but few respond in ways that bring change and healing, growth of the soul, awakening and wisdom. Yet, this must come and will come in these coming times.

I am sorry to be so serious tonight. Indeed, our desire is to encourage you, to show you the way to greater light but I see you recognize the seriousness of your earth condition and I wish to acknowledge that your awareness, your budding awareness, can be your strength and will bring greater wisdom. You cannot hide, beloveds, and you cannot ignore. Instead, you must pray and seek guidance and seek God’s Love and comfort. His Light shall guide you and protect you. His Hand upon you is firm. His desire for you is for the utmost and greatest blessing in your life. As long as you carry the faith and trust that this will be so, then, it shall be so.

May the power of God’s Love bring deep peace to you, beloved souls, and a firm understanding and awareness that all moves towards harmony and light and in time, all will be saved, their salvation assured, either in the light of the natural love or the glory of the Divine Love. Their souls shall find light and shall awaken to Truth.

God bless you my beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine. I love you and stand by your side always and will help you to navigate the changes in the world, the challenges that you have in your lives, the struggles towards light. I, and many other angels, vow to walk with you and to keep you safe and to help you to grow within your souls. This is our promise provided you desire this and make the utmost effort to be close to God. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls. I love you.