Spirit: Mark
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 5, 2018
Location: First United Spiritualist Church, Burnaby, BC

God bless you, I am Mark. I am the guardian of your church. God has given me this blessing and I willingly and enthusiastically come to be with you, beloved souls, as you reach for the light and seek for truth.

Each of you is given the gift of life and within that life are many possibilities and potentials, choices to be made, avenues to be explored and aspects of life to be lived. Do not neglect your souls, beloveds, for it is the condition of your soul that will determine the next step of your life into spirit. Befriend your soul, come to know your souls and come to know the desires and inclinations of your souls. For in this, light will come to you, truth will come to you, peace and joy will come to you. If your souls reach for God, many blessings will come to you.

We who inhabit the Celestial Kingdom come a very great distance to be with you my beloved mortals who are in search of light and truth. It is God’s blessing for us to be able to do so and to bring our wisdom to you and our light and influence upon you.

Each soul has a guardian angel, beloveds. Know that in your struggles and efforts to know truth, to be in prayer, to beseech God, you are joined by an angel who is there to help to reinforce your efforts and desires. Be aware, beloveds, that effort must begin with you. God cannot beseech a soul to pray towards Him. God can only wait for your choice. For God gives every soul free will and thus, you have a choice, beloveds, to walk alone in this world or to walk with God in the light and blessings that God may give to His beloved children.

Your souls know this message already. Your souls long to be with God. This is not the God of your imaginations. It is the God of the knowings of your soul and in this you will discover truly the existence of God within your life and within this universe. For God exists and has His workings within all of creation. Do you not have a curiosity and a desire to know that there is truly one being, one beautiful spirit that is God that loves you beyond measure, cares for you with you such depth and breadth that it would take your breath away and it is for you to accept and come to truly know His existence in your life.

Through prayer you may be blessed with this awareness. Through prayer may you come to know the great Love that God has for you. Through prayer you are never alone. May you be blessed beloved souls and come to utilize your beautiful expressions of prayer and the knowings of your soul to bring truth to you and truth through you that others may benefit by your blessings and your gifts.

God bless you. I am Mark and I am with you in your efforts and your desires, your struggles and your prayers. May God bless you mightily and infill your souls with His Love. God bless you. God bless you.