Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 1, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

Yes, many who have been leaders in various religions in the world have come to the highest Truth of God’s Love. Though they continue with some of their trappings and religious ideals, which suit their way of being, it is the Love of God that expands and enhances their understanding and brings all into harmony with God. You will see, in the Celestial Heavens all blend together in harmony. Yet each soul is unique, is it not? So these unique qualities shine forth in exponential facets and beauties of expression. So we all do the dance of life in joyful love in our dedications to God.

I was a Jew. Another may have been a Hindu, a Muslim, or some ancient seeker of truth. Yet in the Celestial Heavens, these trappings are both inconsequential as well as beautiful adornments of the spirit. When you come to the Celestial Heavens, you will see how each individual is like a magnificent flower in God’s garden, unique and beautiful. So beloved children, accept all who come to you seeking wisdom and sharing their wisdom. Accept in love and embrace, always knowing that within your soul and theirs is a longing for truth and a journey to God. Most importantly, express the knowings and truth within your soul as you continue to grow and seek your way that is unique to you.

Be joyful in your unique expression, beloved souls. Be true to yourselves and be true to God. In this way, whatever comes into your arena of experience will either add something to your own knowledge or be inconsequential and fall away. But all will be greeted in love and acceptance, respecting the differences of humanity and reinforcing the similarities of the qualities of the soul. For under all the trappings is simple truth, a great desire for truth, a great longing for God. Every soul who longs in this way will find their way, whatever route they take, whatever perspective and interpretation comes to their minds. It is their souls that will bring them to the truth in time, to God in time. Thus is the beauty of God’s garden, the many flowers that He has planted there, the beautiful souls that emerge and flower and fruit in the Truth and way of God’s Love and care and nurturance to fulfillment.

God bless you beloved souls. I am your brother Andrew and I bless you beloved daughter, upon your birthday. I honour you as the light that you are, shining forth in the world. God bless you beloved, God bless you all. I love you.