Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 31, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Jesus. You all come together in love, seeking the highest of truth, expressing your ambitions and desires to serve God in the light of His Truth of Love. You are all my disciples, beloveds. You are all within the flow of this work and God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. You continue to work diligently to these ends and purposes in harmony with God’s Will.

In many ways you are connected with a deep bond of love and as you are together in prayer, as you are together in your sleep states, as you communicate over the wires, as you share your experiences and your love for one another, you build a light amongst you that is powerful and is noticed in the world of spirit. Many are drawn to you, beloved souls. Many mortals will be drawn to each one of you as you continue to uphold this truth and progress in this work of love. Do you not feel the momentum building? Do you not feel the excitement within your souls as each day brings new blessings and new possibilities and new opportunities to serve God? This, beloved souls, is just the beginning of a great adventure that you will all share with others in the coming dawn of this new age of truth and light.

Allow your souls to feel the excitement, the revelry of this knowledge within, of what is coming. Allow yourselves the luxury and the beauty of your inner excitement and enthusiasm for what God has laid before you and will show you the way to traverse this path of service in powerful and effective ways. You will be guided and inspired. You will be shown. You will know what is meant to be in harmony with God’s Will. Each day adds to this journey of awakening of your souls. Each day will bring renewed opportunities,more powerful blessings, and more powerful experiences of service as a channel of love in the world. Allow yourselves to be carried upon this great river of love. Walk with faith, beloved souls, beautiful souls, my friends and disciples of truth. I am with you. I continue to watch over you and to encourage you and guide you upon this path. Many angels are with you, beloveds.

This is an important time in your lives, in this work. A turning point, a turning point that will bring the opening of many roads to be followed by each one of you, beloved souls. You will come together at times working in partnership. At other times you will be on your own. At other times you will be in groupings of twos and threes and more. You will travel this world, beloved souls, carrying this message of truth. Carrying your light and expressing your truth and experiences as a way to demonstrate the Truth of God’s Love, the power of this blessing, within your lives and within this world. Beloved souls, continue to carry on in this work. Have faith and know that you are upon the correct path, the path designated by God for each one of you. Be assured, my beloveds, be assured that all is in accordance to God’s plan and will manifest in harmony. My love is with you, my beloved souls, and I bless you thus, in light, in truth, in joy. We walk this path together and carry the flame of truth in the world. God bless you, beloveds. I am your brother and friend, Jesus of the Celestial Kingdom. God bless you beloveds.