Spirit: Andrew

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: May 18, 2015

You have worked well together, my beloveds. You have come together with intention of Love, to understand one another, and to understand God’s Will for you and for what is to come. And you have acknowledged the conditions which you must fight against, which hold you back and truly knowing within yourselves from that deep place within what it is that God wills and guides for you. Indeed God’s Plan and Will, is like a buried treasure in the sand overlaid with many thoughts and energies and conditions of this world. It is obscured by these conditions, by your assumptions, by that which is so very human within you. And you work together to uncover this treasure; God’s Plan. And you realize its beauty, its strength, its light, and you feel joy together in this discovery. And when a portion is uncovered, do you not feel that joy within you, that rightness, that understanding that is shared amongst you in joyful recognition?

So you see, my beloveds, it does indeed take work and effort, and with the right intention and love you will gradually and incrementally uncover what it is that is meant for you and for this world so that you may understand God’s plan, to understand what is meant to bring greater harmony to this world. As you step forward and play your part in this, you will know great joy, it will be a wondrous discovery and a great blessing.

And so today you have gone upon a journey of discovery and you have allowed the Light and Truth and God’s Touch and Will to influence you and bring you to a higher level of understanding. You have discovered a gift, a gift that you share, a synergy of your efforts, and your thinking, and your soulful desires which has worked in a harmonious way to bring for you greater understanding.

We are so pleased with what you have done, for this marks the beginning of similar efforts and gatherings which will uncover more of God’s wondrous Plan and Will for you. As you come together, remember how you have worked together this day, how you brought as a gift to one another your insights, your soul’s knowing, and you brought this through and made it real in your minds and shall make it real in this world.

You have learned something, my beloveds, something of your own ability and how God works through you to manifest change within you and around you to bring about His Will for you and for others. As you sit in this circle of Light, you continue this process, this unfolding, this bringing of Light to the world.

Blessings to you, my beloveds, to all those in this circle, seek deep within you that longing to be with God, to know His Love, and to be an instrument of God’s Will and Love in this world. That this may be a flow through you, a channel of Love, a river of Light, a powerful agent of change. The world needs this; beyond all else the world needs God’s Love to heal, to change, to bring truth, to set things into the right balance, to bring all of humanity together in a loving understanding of who they truly are as unique souls and what is meant for this life.

You have made a step, a further step, forward and we are pleased. Continue with this momentum, continue to love and support one another and we will be there in loving support of you and God’s Hand will remain upon you as you make this journey, which often requires you to climb to greater heights and release that which weighs upon you, and to accept aspects within your mind which are often barriers. To accept and release these parts of you that hold you back, biases and prejudices, fears and anger, in favor of Love and acceptance and the simple truth.All you do in Love is favored by your Creator and blessings will be upon you, my beloveds, as you make this choice for Light and in so doing, lighten your load and ascend higher. God bless you. Your brother Andrew loves you. God bless you.