Spirit: Augustine

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: May 18, 2015

Do you recognize your two selves, the one which is human and the one which is your soul? When you are born these two selves are distinct, and as you grow in this world most of humanity develops the human qualities, the natural love, the mind, the appetites of the flesh. And these become hardened within yourselves, a steady and great influence upon your being. Yet you have come together to develop your souls, to seek the ascension of your souls within you by receiving God’s Love and abundance, by making your relationship with God the first and foremost part of yourselves, and this is what we who are with you in Love and support continue to encourage you to do. We walk with you each day. We are with you in your prayers. We pray for you and we make our efforts to support and teach you.

And now comes the time, my beloveds, where you are ready to bring your souls into a greater alignment of your consciousness, and to allow that human part of you to essentially fall away in harmony with your soul’s ascension, your connection with God. This is not easy, and each day is a challenge. And each time you are successful in following your true soul’s desires and walking in the Light and allowing your soul to bring into your consciousness those loving, powerful, inspired thoughts and in these thoughts you are successful and you are blessed and we rejoice in this. And as you come together here, my beloveds, do not allow the material concerns, your judgements and mental biases stand in the way of what you are truly meant to do as a group to facilitate, not only the gathering that comes soon, but there will be many others and a great work ahead of you.

The world is on the brink of great change, my beloveds, change that we have been telling you about for many years. It comes very, very close. And the challenges that will be a part of this change will be great, and if you are still anchored in the human condition, if you cannot rise above this to that soulful awareness, you will have great difficulties adjusting and dealing with what is to come. Yet if you are in the flow of God’s Love and your souls are strong in this Love, your motivations aligned with this Love,  your consciousness  filled with God’s Love for you and you love yourselves in accordance to this, and love others, you will be embarking on a great journey that will foster the change that is coming and be in harmony with that which is coming.

Do not condemn yourselves, beloveds, but be aware with each day that God is calling you to this great consciousness of Love, of Light, of harmony, of peace. You will have that true knowing that will guide you through whatever comes, and your life will take on a wonderful dynamic and flow in accordance to God’s Will. Remember this, beloveds, as you witness each moment of your own behavior that it is indeed a choice, that within each one of you is that great soul consciousness waiting, yearning to come to fruition within your beings. And we await this as well. Eagerly and joyfully we see you take your steps and walk within that Path which is unique to your life.

Beloveds, we love you dearly and we know that you make great efforts to walk the Path Divine. The next step is to truly love yourselves, beloveds, to see the Light within you and recognize what a beautiful creation you are; how beautiful, how unique, imbued with many gifts and talents and skills which God will use to bring about the transformation of this world which has suffered for far too long and continues to slide into darkness. Yet there is still time, there is still time to reverse this, to bring the salvation of mankind, which is God’s Plan, and within this plan you all have your place. But remember beloveds, it is always a choice and your efforts are governed by that choice and the outcomes of your efforts are governed by that choice.

Do you choose Love? Or do you choose those human conditions within you that are not always loving? The Path Divine is not for the weak, my beloveds, you need to be strong. And there is strength within each one of you, great strength and great awareness and sensitivity and knowledge of the Truth. Use the resources that are within you and the help that is given to you by your Heavenly Father to lift yourselves above the conditions of this world and be that clear and beautiful channel of Love that you are meant to be and with each step towards this goal, great blessings will be given and harmony will build within you and the joy within your soul will become a conscious and everlasting part of you.

My beloveds, I am so pleased to see you together in your efforts in your desire to do this work and to be those loving channels. I speak these words to encourage you and remind you of what is required to walk in this way to reach for a higher place. Beloved children, beloved children, you are loved. God bless you. Your teacher Augustine loves you. God bless you.