Spirit: James

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  May 27, 2015

I am James. Yes, you come to sit in circle and prayer to beseech your Heavenly Father for His Love and indeed this is the most important act you can do in your lives, to seek the Love of God, whether it be in your own individual quiet times with each day or in circle as you are today. It is God’s Love that brings all that you require to be joyful, to have an influence of Love and Light in this world. And in this flow of Love, all that which is around you comes into harmony joining this joyful flow with you as this Light emanates forth and flows forth, about you and through you, influencing all around you. And this instrument has remarked that he has had a day of joy. What makes this day a day of joy is the acceptance of God’s Love, his choice to allow this Love to bring harmony and joy within himself and his thoughts, to walk in this Light, to be joyful in this Light.

It is a choice with each day and it is so for each one of you, my beloved, dear children to make this choice for joyful expression and appreciation of this life. And yes, there are many small situations which work against this attitude of joy. They accumulate with each day and so much of your negative reactions to these situations can be bypassed by this attitude of joy, to walk with eyes bright with Love, to accept the conditions of this world in a way that they do not inhibit and cause you consternation, instead, to walk in this flow of Love accepting and changing where it is possible, but always being a channel of Love with each situation that comes your way. God provides many opportunities to be a channel of Love, to be His channels of Love. And as your soul awakens so you become a channel to awaken others in this chain of Love, in this flow which reverberates out into this world.

You have become a part of this wave, this great wave of Love that is transforming your world. It is time, my beloveds, that you may be fully within this, this beautiful transformative effort and blessing, which is from God. We are joyed when you accept this invitation and we know that as the days pass you will continue to accept this invitation more fully, more completely, more joyously. For as your souls grow in the Love, so does your awareness of the beauty and joy that is your life and all life. Walk in God’s Lights, my beloveds. Do His bidding with humility and joy, acceptance and commitment and God will steer you always to those places that bring benefit to others and to yourselves.

And if these situations bring difficulties and challenges, think of this as an opportunity to strengthen your ability to Love, to overcome the human condition within you and about you and you will go far, my beloveds. You are meant to go far, to walk in this Light bravely, your head held high your Love shining all about. Each day is an opportunity for you to do so, each day a blessing and a gift. And enter each day with a smile on your face with the sure knowledge this is a gift from God, truly a gift from God and another opportunity to grow in His Love and express His Love in all its beauty and purity, its power and its glory.
Be the Lights, walk the Truth, express the Love, and God will carry you and guide you and see you through any and all conditions you may encounter. It is for you to not allow these conditions to have their influence upon you but to be the influence upon it in Light and change, in Love and graciousness. God bless you, my beloveds, precious in the eyes of God, beloved and beautiful. Continue in your efforts as you reach out to so many. Continue to be that channel of Love and the Light will increase, the joy will increase and you will be free from all that which burdens you. Beloved souls, I love you. I am James, God bless you.