Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 22, 2019
Location: Ancient Gardens, Australia

May God be upon you, beloved souls. I am Matthew. Every soul upon your world has a yearning for God. Every soul is bereft because often that yearning and that desire is not met for this world continues to conspire to lead all of God’s children from the Source that will satisfy the deep need and thirst of the soul for God’s Love.

Because of this great deprivation of the soul the world continues to suffer. Because the soul is not activated, the true wisdom that comes with Love and God’s blessings upon each soul does not exist. Rather humanity continues to be guided and directed by the desires and thoughts of the mind, the material mind. The mind is revered. The mind is in control. The mind insists upon domination. So the soul continues to be subordinate to the mind. In this inequity, this imbalance, much error and darkness ensues in your world and continues to be imposed upon God’s Creation. With the power of free will, humanity does not see its own error but continues upon the trajectory and road that the mind dictates.

But underneath all of this complex layer of human activity and thought and intention and action is a great crying out from the soul. So what mankind builds in the world, its foundations are set upon the sand. In this way all that humanity creates is subject to the passing currents of a changing world in which you live. The Earth itself continues to shudder and writhe within this condition, attempting to shake off this heavy and dark condition that humanity has imposed upon it.

As in everything in God’s Creation, there is a momentum towards balance and harmony. So that which man has created, this condition, the structures that have been imposed upon your world will not last for it is not built upon love, truth, harmony and the Laws of God’s Creation, the Laws of God’s Love. So it is up to you, beloved souls, and all who choose the light to continue in your prayers and your efforts to uplift yourselves in the Grace and Blessings of God’s Love in order to heal and rectify the conditions that are within you and to bring wisdom, greater wisdom to yourselves and a greater capacity to love so that you may be active agents of God, Channels of His Love and Light.

To have the Will of God manifest through you, beloved souls, is the highest intention and action that you might bring in your life. In order to do that you must indeed awaken your souls through your desire and prayers to God to receive this great gift of Love. As you activate this Truth within your life and bring the expression of Truth in every aspect of your life where love is your foundation, your strength and where from love comes wisdom, compassion, the ability to express and manifest that which is in harmony with God and God’s Creation. Given enough souls willing to do so, to be within this great flow of God’s Love, to know God’s Will, to know your own true selves in relationship with God, then change, true change will come to the world. True healing will manifest and bring all that is suffering and out of harmony with Creation back to balance, back to harmony.

When this is accomplished and it shall be accomplished, beloveds, because God has a plan for the salvation of humanity, then there will be joy upon your Earth. There will be fulfillment. There will be a new dawn of love as the currency of humanity. Many spirits and angels are working to these ends, put in great effort, great effort, all blessed by God’s Hand to bring the healing, to bring the rectification of all that is not of love back to love and harmony.

Continue in your efforts, beloved souls, to walk with God, to be with God, to allow yourselves to be transformed by the Love of God. In this way, you will be shining examples and you will know great Truth. You will be strong and beautiful in the flow of your life that will be informed by God and blessed and directed by the Creator. You seek for the highest, beloved souls. Seek for nothing less than the highest and find fulfillment within your soul. Discover all that is within you.

May God bless you upon that journey, keep you close to God’s Bosom. You will be shown, escorted, protected, guided upon that journey. God bless you. I am Matthew. God bless you.