Spirit: Nicodemus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 23, 2019
Location: Ancient Gardens, Eudlo, AU

Beloved souls, my name is Nicodemus. I have come with my dear brother who is trying to explain to you his experiences of soul awareness and prayer. I say to you my friends that the faculties and perceptions of the soul are very different from that of the mind and it is understandable that my brother finds it difficult to explain his experiences because there is no verbal literal translation to these experiences. But they are true and real none the less for our beloved brother. They will continue to be the case as he continues to explore the faculties and areas of his soul that are awakening with God’s Love.

Unfortunately, with this reality, this opening and shift of perception, it is difficult to be with others because their reference point and their perceptions are so very different. But in time our dear brother will find ways to convey and teach this Truth in a way that is in harmony and a way that others may relate to because as each soul opens to God, that opening is wide and vast. Their experiences are not necessarily the same as another and they are indeed unique. I commend our dear brother for sharing his experiences, for revealing this somewhat unusual perception.

For all of you, as you continue to grow in the Father’s Love and continue to open to God, you will have astounding experiences and perceptions of the soul. It is possible for each one of you, though they may not be the same as your brothers or sisters, it does not say that they are not real or not valid. None of you truly understand your souls. You just begin to awaken to these possibilities, to be aligned with your soul. It has been a great struggle and will be for all of you upon this Earth because of the earthly conditions, because of this grayness, as our dear daughter has described, and the chaos as others have described.

It makes for a very difficult situation. Like growing a beautiful flower in the rocky soil, it is vulnerable and it struggles. So with you, my friends, you struggle to even know those parts of yourself that are hidden away. Yet, with the gift of God’s Love, you may have a glimpse. That glimpse may become a perception and that perception may bring other perceptions and other understandings, until a whole new world blossoms before you, something unexpected and surprising, something beautiful and glorious.

So it will go with each of you. Whether it will be in this heavy world of the material life or within the world of spirit, it is inevitable that your souls will blossom in perception, in Truth and understanding as they grow in Love. As this awakening comes, as your perceptions heighten and sharpen, there will be great joy. Great joy indeed, as you come to know the Truth and see it and all your perceptions acknowledge and validate what it is that you see and know.

The soul has many capacities and faculties. The soul has many ways of knowing Truth. God will utilize every part of your soul to bring to you the Truth of His being and the Truth of His Creation. When this comes to you, beloved souls, there will be no hesitation or doubt. You will come into Truth with your souls wide open and that deep desire to know fulfilled.

God’s blessings are many and true and deep, filled with Love, filled with care. Whatever comes to you will come in its right time and right way. But however unique that experience may be, you will have come to Truth in such a way that your soul will sing in gratitude and joy, in love and acknowledgement of God.

Yes, beloved souls, your eyes are barely open. Your understanding weak and feeble because you rely too much upon your minds and your intellects to truly know these things and this is the way of the world. You must utilize the tools that you have in order to progress further into Truth, knowing that your perception today may indeed be very different tomorrow. As your souls grow in Love, so the capacity to know Truth grows and awakens. You will find great fulfillment in that journey, great fulfillment in knowing God, the many aspects of God, the depth and breadth of His Love and awaken to the mysteries of the Universe.

In so many ways your journey just begins, beloveds, and will take you far beyond this place of knowing that you are comfortable with at this moment. Take God’s Hand, beloved souls. Take God’s Hand and God will show you the glories of His Creation and Being. Receive the Great Blessing of Love and all else will come in good time.

God bless you. I am Nicodemus. I am happy to have spoken to you today. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.