Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 21, 2019
Location: Ancient Gardens, Eudlo, AU

It is your friend Confucius . It seems your dear host (P) does not wish for you to rest but to carry on on your great sojourn of seeing his beautiful country. Beloved souls, you have a mission that you are about to embark upon with the dear souls who are coming for healing and comfort and love. It is necessary for you to bring energies into yourself to uphold and strengthen you. Blessings from God to each of you so that you may sustain a high condition of love amongst you in this Circle that you will be a part of on the morrow.

As it is in your world, beloved souls, the strength and energies, whether they be spiritual or physical, require time of rest and regeneration. Though we may and do sustain you in many ways, you must also make wise decisions to sustain yourselves, to love your physical bodies, minds, spirits, souls, as God loves you. You are the custodian of yourselves. God has blessed you richly. God wishes for you to be strong and able in this world that demands so much at times. Wisdom is required, deep wisdom. Do not allow the distractions of the world to pull you in such a way that you are out of balance and not strong in your physicality and your spirituality.

I know for some it is difficult to feel, in a definitive way, the power and blessings of God’s Love entering the soul. Indeed, the conditions of your world, so full of thought and mind and will, continue to drive you towards this condition of mind. For some, it is easier to feel these spiritual energies and blessings. They are gifted in this way. For others, it is a great struggle, a great difficulty and often brings frustration and a sense that they are unworthy. I say to you, beloved souls, that any prayer given sincerely to receive the gift of the Father’s Love will be answered whether that feeling, that knowing within you that you have indeed received this gift is conscious or not.

Remember that the consciousness of the soul, the reality of the soul, is far different from that of the mind, the material mind. Indeed for some, it takes a great deal of effort and discipline to put the mind aside, the expectations of the mind, in order to be attuned to this soul experience of God. But I tell you, even those who are so firmly within the mental condition will in time, given effort and consistency and desire and prayer, will come to know this Gift in all its wonderment and joy, all its bliss and peace.

For those who struggle, have compassion. For those who are frustrated, may they have compassion for themselves with the sure knowledge that they are loved, that they are truly loved by God and that in time this awakening and knowing of this Truth will come. Each who are sincere in their pursuit of this great gift will have an angel with them assisting in their pursuit, praying with them in their prayers, blessing them and uplifting them in their lives. This is God’s promise. This is the fulfillment of God’s Laws of Love.

Each of you has this gift of an angel, a guide, a gatekeeper, those who are attending to you. For you are all precious souls, precious indeed, those who know this Truth with such clarity and understanding. This Truth in its simple form and understanding must be shared, given to whomever may be willing to hear your words, absorb the Light that you carry, feel the upliftment of God’s Touch upon you and through you to those you meet. This is your service to humanity, beloved souls. As you continue to serve in Love and reach towards others, so this gift of Love intensifies, so your ability and capacity to know this Love awakens, so your gifts come to the fore and all that you are spiritually becomes the predominant motivation and expression of your lives.

Beloved souls, it is not complicated but it does require your focus and attention to make this reality your Truth and your life that is and will be an ever brighter and clearer expression of God’s great Truths and Love. None will be left behind, beloveds. None will be bereft of the true and sure knowledge of this Gift. It comes to each soul who yearns for this. Because you have yearned is proof that you are experiencing this Gift because you come back to the well of Love time and time again. It is the longing of your soul that continues to bring you to that place of Grace and peace.

Nurture your souls, beloveds. It is the key, it is the key to everything. All that you desire, all the answers that you wish for, all the Truth and Grace and Love that has been promised will be given, provided you turn that key and open the door to God through your prayers. Nothing will be withheld beloveds. The great bounty of God is limitless and will be given drop by drop in accordance to your ability and capacity to receive.

May you awaken, beloved souls, awaken to all the glory and wonderment of Light and joy and Love that God has to give to you. I will be with you in your time of prayers in the coming days. Many angels will be with you, beloveds, ministering to the lost children, ministering to those who hunger and desire Truth. You will all be inspired and uplifted and in joy.

God bless you, beloveds. Confucius loves you. I care for my little birds. May their songs be sweet and their plumage be bright in Love and Light. God bless you.