Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 21, 2019
Location: Ancient Gardens, Queensland, Australia

Beloved souls, it is your teacher Augustine. I come once again to speak to you and to assure you about your particular situation when it comes to material concerns. Each of you have had your struggles at some point in your life concerning the material requirements to live in this world. Yet when you look at your life, do you not see that your needs are met? Is this not obvious that God is providing for your needs and often for your wants. But there is no need for concern for when you travel the road that God has placed before you that is in harmony with His Will, your needs are provided for. You are blessed deeply in many ways. There is no need to waste your time and thoughts and energies upon these material concerns. For in the flow of God’s Love and Will, harmony comes. Needs are met. Love flows. 

It is when you step outside of this flow and harmony of Love that often there are situations that are cause for concern. Yet you are guided forward to express God’s Love, to travel with this Truth and bring it to your brothers and sisters, to be God’s emissary of Love and Truth. Have you been denied, beloveds? Are you sensing that your presence is an imposition, that somehow because you have accepted the invitation to serve God in this way that you are causing others concern and upset and disruption in their lives? No, beloved souls, as you continue to work for God within the flow of His Love and Will all comes to harmony. All is balanced and blessings flow. In this regard, the power and beauty of these blessings that flow through each one of you creates a great bounty, not a deficit within the lives of those you touch.

So you are not to concern yourself with what is given. You are worth it. Those who give will be blessed. Whatever material is given will be replaced and blessed. This is how God works in the world. Each of you have committed yourselves to receive God’s Love and Truth and to work towards bringing others to this Truth. As such, your needs will be met. In fact, more than met. It will not be done so as a way in which it is taken from others. Taken is not the appropriate word. It is given in love from others. It is a response of love. Since love is the highest currency in your world and ours, all that is given in love shall be blessed. There will not be a deposition of this gift for the flow and beauty of God’s Will ensures that all are blessed, that there is no sense of loss but gain, always gain. Though what is given may not be replaced in exactly the same way it will be replaced in some way. A blessing will come to those who give. Of course, the blessing is given to those who receive. In this there is joy and a sense of graciousness and fulfillment and love.

You are uplifting the conditions of the world by sharing your resources, by sharing your love, by whatever gift that you have to give done in love is an outreach from God to those who receive it. Think of the world in this way, beloved souls. I am not suggesting that you have an unbalanced sense of equanimity within your material resources. No, this is not what I suggest but to give in balance and love knowing that it will be replaced in love. For all within God’s great plan of flow of Love is given and in ways that are in harmony with His Laws.

You will learn this over and over again, my beloved and beautiful friends. You will see for yourself, provided you are willing and open to give of your heart, to give of your material bounty, to give in ways of your time, your effort caring for another, whatever way that is, whatever way feels within the flow of God’s Will, there is no loss or sense that something that is given and not received in Grace. It is all within the flow of the Father who provides all the bounty of life, the beauty of life, the upliftment and light and love.

God bless you, beloved souls. I hope I have made myself clear that all will unfold in the harmony and equanimity of God’s Grace and Laws of Love. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you. I am Augustine, your teacher. God bless you.