Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 14, 2019
Location: Fitzroy Falls, Australia

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. As we come to your plane, this Earth plane, and what is laid before us is great suffering, great dilemmas, and all we meet including yourselves, each of you have your struggles, those conditions in which you do not feel close to God, but seem to keep you away from your Heavenly Father. Whether it be physical, material, emotional, spiritual, each of you struggles in your own way. And  with all those you meet, there are great struggles, great difficulties.

Beloved souls, as you continue on your journeys, as you continue in the light of service, as you put aside those aspects of your life that inhibit you, know that we are with you every step of the way. We are with you in great support and light, that though you too may be struggling in some way, you too may find life difficult in some way, know that God has His Hand firmly upon you, that you continue to grow in His Light and Love.

We have seen great change and shifts and growth in each of you in the last several months. As this trend towards greater Light and understanding and Love continues with each one of you, you will see tremendous shifts within you. Life will get easier. Even when it comes to those physical ailments that you carry, you will find that the power of your Light within your soul and the power of the Light all around you and the ministrations of angels and the Touch of God upon you will change these conditions, transform them in powerful ways.

For those who have chronic ailments and issues that continue to bedevil you, have faith, beloved souls. Have faith in the power of God’s Touch upon you. Nothing can remain the same. With the momentum of Light all about you so the direction upward and the Light intensifies. For many of your peers who have an ordinary life this is not the case. The trajectory is the other way for they know not how to elicit the resources of God and the blessings of God to bring powerful healing and change to each.

Beloved souls, the coming year will be a year of great work and intensity. You will be called upon in many different ways, each of you in accordance with your gifts and abilities and your situations. You will be called upon by God to minister to many. It is crucial that you continue in your prayers and that you continue in your walk in life with a spring in your step and joy in your heart to allow those conditions that indeed are so much a part of this Earth to melt away and not be of any relevance or significance in your life. I tell you this because at this point each of you has the opportunity and the possibility of releasing those conditions that you know full well are not in harmony with love and are bringing you difficulties of the physical and difficulties within your hearts.

The power of the transformational Love of God is coming to a point within you that this transformation will expand outward and touch every cell of your being, every part of your life, every aspect of your spiritual life, your physical body, your spirit body. All that you are is now more subject to the power of Divine Love than the conditions of the physical plane. Now you must harness and utilize this great blessing that is given. Each of you have within your life a portal of some type that will be utilized to help you in this upliftment. This gift has been given to each of you. It is powerful. It has many aspects and dimensions to it that are extremely powerful and transformative and may bless you in many ways, bless where you live, bless your own bodies and spirits and minds.

Take full advantage, beloved souls. Do not take for granted either what has been given but it is a powerful gift, a powerful gift indeed. As you have continued to pass your tests and grow and awaken in Love, so God then brings to your restorative blessings so you may progress further and you may serve in a wider range of work and activities. All is given, beloved souls, as we have told you many times. All is given in accordance to your desires, in accordance to your commitment, in accordance to God’s Will. All is given.

So I encourage to test what I have said to bring to God those things that you feel are inhibiting and causing you complications in your life that are unnecessary. Bring it to prayer. Bring it to God in the most sincere and earnest way that you can. Let your mind not inhibit this beseeching of God. Put  aside your doubts, your feelings of unworthiness, your sense that it is hopeless or not possible.

Beloved souls, it is only that attitude, that state of mind that you carry that restricts the flow of God’s blessings upon you. He has built a magnificent structure that will help bring many blessings forward to you and to many others. Have faith in this great blessing, something that is rare upon your world, something magnificent and holy in its being and existence in your world. Few are blessed so powerfully. Know that you are worthy. You have in many ways earned this blessing by your efforts of love, by your commitment to God, by your prayers for His Love to infill your souls. So you are deeply, deeply blessed. So the bounty of God’s Love for you continues to flow and envelope you. Come to the Source of All knowing that all your needs will be met, that all your needs whether material, whether spiritual, whether emotional will be met. May the power of your commitment for God and your love for God awaken this true knowledge that all that is meant for you shall be given, that you may receive it in love and openness, that you may indeed continue to awaken and walk in great Light with each day.

May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls, knowing that we are here, shall always be with you, that indeed the highest blessings have been bestowed, indeed the greatest power for change and transformation is within you. That you will indeed find your way beyond the maze and miasma of the dark conditions of your world and truly be in the Light. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you deeply, beautifully, completely. God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine and I am with you in love. God bless you.