Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 6, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Andrew. The world needs your prayers, beloveds. The world thirsts for spiritual sustenance, but so many in your world are confused and in error and know not where to seek, how to come to God, how to find the truths of God’s Love. The world needs you, beloveds, because you have found your way. You have come to the fountainhead of all love and asked that you may quench your thirst, that your souls may awaken and be enlivened by this gift, that your heart’s may be full of love, that your minds may be clear and recognize the powerful yet simple Truth of God’s Love.

The world needs you because there is too much suffering, too many lost souls, too much pain, too much yearning without clear direction. So you will be asked, my friends, to speak this truth, to live this truth, to be a channel for this love where ever you go. Yet there are too few who are willing, who are willing to carry this light and this truth in the world. So the world continues to thirst, continues to suffer, continues to seek, continues to be asleep. So the angels of God continue to work, to strive to open the eyes of those who are willing and who pray earnestly for truth.

We need you to carry this truth to those who are on the verge of understanding and realizing the power of prayer with this great gift. God needs you to continue to be a light in the world. To walk in light and choose light with every breath. To release those conditions within you that are not of light. To foster in love, goodness. To be a clear and beautiful channel of love.

Yes, even the animals, the creatures of the world need this. For without more wisdom expressed, more actions of harmony, and respect for God’s creation, so the creatures will continue to suffer. You must do your part, beloved souls, to speak the truth of love.

Once you embark upon this journey, this deep commitment to God, to walk this truth in love, then there’s nothing that can hold you back, distract or deflect you from this great service of bringing Light to the world. Each of you will find your way. Each of you will walk your path. Each of you will know what path you must take. For your souls already know. Your souls are in communication with God and God has imparted to each one of you, the truth of your own existence and purpose in this world. It is for you to push away, to discard that which holds you from this truth and to strengthen in the Father’s Love, to waken your souls to all Truth and Love. This comes closer as you continue to pray and beseech God for these blessings.

It becomes clear as your mind no longer resists but is eager to know, to understand, and to walk in harmony with your soul. That which remains within your mind that are vestiges, the fear and bias, ignorance and unloving thoughts are but shadows lingering in the background. The truth continues to press forward in your consciousness and your life. You will find that there coming year will bring to you many opportunities, possibilities of service. Many souls will be drawn seeking truth yet often confused and resistant, and wondering about from where you get your strength and light.

Be strong beloved souls in the light. Walk with your head high, your heart aglow with love, your soul’s wisdom attuned to God guiding you forward. Indeed, in this way, life becomes a great adventure, a wondrous journey full of gifts, treasures, surprises and joy. It is all there in front of you, beloved souls. There is no time to wait but instead to wade into the great river of God’s Love. That it may take you forward and take you into greater light, and take you to those souls who are eagerly waiting for your wisdom and love and truth to embrace them, that love may wash over them, that they may have found true family, friendship and brethren.

You are on the verge of great change, many blessings, powerful transformative experiences both within you and together. This is all coming, beloved souls, very close, very close indeed. Expect that indeed the transformative and powerful Touch of God is continuing to change all within and without. Walk in this truth, my friends. Be at peace, and know the joy that comes when you are truly embraced by God.

God bless you, beloved souls. Andrew loves you and is by your side always. God bless you, precious, bright, and beautiful souls. God loves you. God loves you.