Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 7, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Seretta Kem. I have come to encourage you all on your journeys in the world. I encourage you and tell you that this coming journey to see your brothers and sisters is important. Though there may be some obstacles and details that need to be addressed. In regards to having a roof over your head and transporting yourselves here and there, ask for help and assistance, and we will be glad to do so.

For when you express God’s Will and a desire to do so in the highest way in the most possible light and blessings, then all will fall into place. It is when you have anxieties, concerns and get lost in the details of life that you obstruct the work of the angels that may help you. As we have said, this coming year will be very intense, filled with opportunities of service, connection, prayer, and love.

It is important that you accept and place yourself within the flow of God’s Will, carrying God’s Will with you, being an instrument and channel of love. In this way, putting as your priority a desire to serve in love for the highest, you will not falter and you will be surprised at the outcomes. Yes, there is much work to do. Often when you peruse the scene of life on Earth and the responses that you receive which is often apathy or resistance or confusion and you find it discouraging. You wonder why you continue to make these efforts. But I tell you, as you continue on, as you continue to respond to God’s guidance and faithfully shoulder on in your efforts, you will find that you will draw many to you.

Often, those who come are not those you expect to come to be with you in prayer. There will be a great variety of souls with many different ideas and beliefs but all longing for Truth. In this, you must show them God, show them how to go to God in this simple but powerful prayer to receive His blessings, His Love.

I know you think and speculate on how you may inspire others, draw them to you in Circles of Light. Your creative thoughts and expressions will be inspired and given accordingly. As you put forth your intentions, advertise your efforts, arrange for places to meet, and make your itineraries, know that we are there in great numbers assisting you in these efforts, inspiring souls, bringing forth in them a desire to be with you, to be with God, to be within these Circles of Light.

Though those who come may only come once and partake in these efforts, know that you have sown seeds, that you have spoken Truth, that you have given your love and shown to others the way to God’s Love. We cannot ask more of you than this, my friends. It is important that you walk in faith, that you accept the invitations that God places before you to work towards bringing greater Light to the world.

Your efforts can only strengthen and expand. As you see, beloved daughter, many reach out to you, strangers with a loving heart and a desire to be a part of community and family. Your great gift is to engage and embrace and pull them close that they may receive the comfort and blessings and that they may not feel lost or alone. For you may shine your light upon them, that you all may do so in some way to help comfort and bring peace to those who are distraught or confused or without a clear direction.

This is God’s work, to continue to embrace all who are upon your path, to do so without judgment, without expectation, but with love. As you continue to grow in Love, my beloved friends, so the power of that Love will have far-reaching effects, will touch many souls deeply as an agent of God, as an agent of Truth and of Love. Expect the unexpected, my friends. Expect surprises each day, blessings each day, opportunities each day to serve. The world will open. That spectrum of sight will widen beyond all expectations. Before you will be many doors waiting to be opened.

God will guide you as to what you may do, where you may proceed utilizing your own gifts, your own abilities, and the Light within your soul. God will awaken many things within you, continuing to bless you so that your souls may expand and be enlivened with His Essence. As this metamorphosis takes place, so what may seem a problem, may bring tension or confusion or unrest within you, will be resolved. There will be peace and wisdom and truth.

You just begin upon this journey, my friends, a journey that never ends, a journey with a multiplicity of opportunities and possibilities. It is in the joy of experiencing the expression of your soul in relationship with God that brings the true joy, the true understanding, and the truly deep experiences of life to you. Be open within your souls. Have faith that all will indeed unfold in accordance to God’s Plan. Be assured within yourself that you are truly on His road of Love and will indeed see for yourselves what is required of you and what will unfold through you, magnificent opportunities, beloved souls, very unique experiences.

The unfolding of Divine Will within your lives will make your life rich indeed, enviable to some and you will share it with them. You will share of yourselves, your experiences, your love, and will bring others with you upon that journey so that they may experience for themselves the power of the Divine Will expressed in a life that is inspired and informed by the Divine Love. You will see, beloved souls, how God will orchestrate and inspire and bring many interesting and loving souls into your midst. You will see how God will bring you together with others who also desire to serve in Light yet may not ascribe to your understanding but still the work together for Light will be powerful.

This is not compromising your understanding of Truth but joining with others with Light and Love as the imperative and the intention in service. So you must be open, eagerly desiring to serve, to be upon that path with your eyes open. For God continuously peels the scales away so that you may see. You will be given what you require to serve, to be informed for the moment, to give of yourselves in ways that are blessed and powerful. Desire this, beloved souls. Desire to move forward in Love, to awaken evermore to Truth, to serve with purity of heart and love your fellow man.

Be assured, my friends, that you walk a path lit and deeply blessed and will continue to do so. May God bless you upon that journey. Know that we walk with you in joy, in deep appreciation of your dedications, in loving acknowledgment of your beautiful souls, and we all walk in God’s Grace together.

May God bless you, beloved souls. Seretta Kem loves you dearly. God bless you.