Spirit: Faith

Medium:  Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: September 27, 2015

You have drawn me to you with your conversations and I am never too far for I love you and I guide you and I am with you in your efforts to bring Light and Love into the world. And yes, my life was filled with challenges and with great blessings. I was not afraid to speak or follow my guidance for I believed it to be the Will of God, and in many ways it was the Will of God to do what I did, to act as I did, to speak as I did. Yet I did not fully understand the depth of the Truth of God’s Love, though I possessed this Love while I walked this Earth. My mind was filled with other concerns, and approaches, and indoctrinations, so I did not speak the Truth of this Love clearly and succinctly as you may, my beloveds. Though I lived the Love in many ways and this is the most powerful teacher of all, to live this Love with every moment of every day, to be in prayer, to live your life as a prayer to God, to be that channel of Love in the world as a dedication to your Heavenly Father who Loves you so.

All the events which you have spoken of this morning have been a double-edged sword have they not? The disappointments and the blessings, the challenges and the wonderful experiences that you have had through this journey to follow your guidance and to enact your Gifts in a loving way. And yes, though things have not turned out the way you had expected, they did facilitate great growth for you, my beloveds, upon your journey and have affirmed you in your wisdom and have taught you many things and have challenged you to put aside your judgments and be a loving channel in the face of judgments towards you. And this has indeed brought much growth within you and this instrument talks of action, of spreading the Truths of this Love in the world, and he is eager, as are you to do so. And I say each day is a new beginning, a new opportunity, a wondrous Gift, and rather than focus on what must be done tomorrow, live this day in Love, be Love this day and open your eyes to the opportunities that God has placed before you this day. And as each day builds upon the next and the events of the world unfold and all those whom you love and have a bond through God’s Love interact and move together in the flow of God’s Love and guidance, you will find your way and an ever greater expression of your Gifts, of God’s Love in the world. And yes, every opportunity that you grasp, that you put your focus upon will bring about an opportunity to grow and to give, and God does not hold you back in this regard, my beloveds, but encourages you to reach out, to reach out, for there are many souls who are eager to know of this Love though their minds may reject many things associated with this Gift. Their souls accept the purity and the simplicity of God’s great Gift of Love, and this, my beloveds, is what you have to give, this pure and gracious Gift to all you meet and all you gather together to give this Gift of Love and acceptance, to put aside your judgments or expectations, to be God’s channel of Love.

Do you think God is disappointed with you? No, my children, He loves you. He loves you every moment. He loves you always. It is only your expectations that bring disappointment and disillusionment, the constructs within your minds of who and how and what you must be, these things are irrelevant to the soul, for the soul expresses itself naturally and spontaneously without thought of what this means or how this is in the world or how I might be in the world. The soul expresses itself in all its purity and innocence like a child, free of the restrictions and constrictions of the mental conditioning and beliefs. And this is what you strive for, my beloveds, this freedom, this pure joy, this beautiful grace that is within you, that given time, will be purely your expression in the world.

What beauty there is within you, my beloveds, what beauty and Light. And God is well pleased with you, my beloveds, His precious creations. His Love knows no bounds. His care for you is perfect and He guides you along your life’s path, and you are aware of this in the measure of your own acceptance of it and there is much for you to discover, to know, and to be in all its beauty. Take each day as a step closer to this beautiful expression that is your soul, this unique and wondrous creation of your Heavenly Father.

My beloveds, I am with you in your struggles, in your wonderment, in your questioning, in your triumphs and your challenges. This is life, my beloveds. This is life and you have been well gifted in your lives, each one in many, many ways, in deep and profound ways, in ways that are not common, in ways that have a profound beauty. And in this be grateful, my beloveds, acknowledge God’s great Gift of life and in this see yourselves as the beautiful creatures that you are in the flow and beauty of God’s Touch upon you and within you and His wondrous and profound, profoundly beautiful creation that is you. And in this, you will be a channel of Love in the world, a beautiful channel of Love in the world, for God will have a deep and clear channel through you to this world as you accept who you truly are in all its beauty and glory. God bless you, my beloveds. It is Faith, your friend and helper and I love you so dearly and I encourage you, my beloveds, to continue upon your Path that is the discovery of Truth and Love, Light and joy, service and humility. God bless you. God bless you.