Spirit: Augustine

Medium:  Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: September 27, 2015

It is Augustine, my beloveds, God bless you. Yes, you will be guided and fully engaged in the work, my beloveds, as our dear friend Faith has instructed. As you clear away the obstructions within you and learn to truly love and acknowledge yourselves as the true and beautiful souls that you are, as this awareness dawns within you fully and completely, you will be more easily guided, the insights will come in deeper and clearer ways, the guidance will lead you and show you the way towards the fulfillment of your purpose and part in the salvation of mankind. For each of you has an important role to play and through your life experiences, perspectives and gifts you will contribute important pieces to this puzzle, this picture, this plan that is of God’s making.

My beloveds, do not clutter your mind with unnecessary questioning and expectations. Take all that you have that emerges from your soul to God and you will receive the answers, not necessarily within that prayer, but within your lives the answers will come to your deep questions, and desires, and eagerness to serve your Heavenly Father. And do not allow your mind to countermand what your souls know, my beloveds. Allow that deep knowing to be your anchor and your guide and the foundation from which you express yourselves in this world, for this is how God will manifest through you, my beloveds, as you open this channel of awareness and accept it and make this the great impetus for your lives.

Beloved souls, your souls are filled with God’s Love, they are filled with God’s Love. What Gifts you have, what beauty you carry and you do not know your own strength, the power of this Love within you, the profound wisdom that comes with this and as you reach out into the world every experience, every turn upon your Path is an opportunity to acknowledge and express what is deep within you as you allow that wondrous beauty and wisdom to be expressed in the world. It is your choice, it hinges upon the great Gift of free will, for God does not interfere with your free will, my beloveds. But as you align yourself more fully with His Will, you will find that there is no conflict, or fear, or doubt, but a true and straight line filled with Love and Light, service and joy and all else will fall away.

My beloveds, continue in your prayers and your desire to serve God and God will find the avenues you seek to walk upon and you will slowly open your eyes and see so clearly what is laid out before you as His Love clears away the shadows and the mists within you and brings that clarity and Light. It is all a Gift upon your Path, a beautiful Gift. God bless you, beloved souls. Your teacher Augustine loves you dearly and is ever with you. God bless you.