Spirit:  Confucius

Medium:  Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: September 7, 2015

Continue to pray together, my beloveds, to form this bond of Love in this Circle of Light. For as you do so you open the perceptions of your souls, you come to a clear understanding of God’s Will, and you receive ever more of His Love. Remember, my beloveds, to take time each day to pray for God’s Love. This is so crucial in the opening and development of your souls. It is the very foundation of this journey. Long for this Love; long for this Love. Drink it in at every opportunity.

This instrument feels somewhat confused, for what he thought were clear and guided plans for the future, now seem insubstantial. He is opening to new perceptions and so, invariably, the ground before him does not feel firm, his footsteps do not seem clear, he does not see with his mind’s perception what is coming. And I say this is true for many of you, for as a result of these shifting positions within your souls there will be greater perception and understanding of God’s plan for each of you. It is now a time to wait and to assimilate what has happened within you and to nurture these blooming perceptions and understandings within you, my beloveds.

Do not construct great ideas and speculations as to the future, but go to your Heavenly Father and ask Him what is meant to be and you will be shown in good time. There is no need to reshuffle and reorganize what you have done. There is only a need to listen more deeply to come to that firm ground of understanding and to allow the Light within your souls to burn ever brighter and more fully within your being, your lives, and all that you do. And as you do this, all will unfold as is meant by the Divine Will of the Heavenly Father.

Many of your questions will be answered in good time and I daresay you will be pleased with these answers. There is much coming and some time to wait so that you are fully prepared for the work to come, my beloveds. Be at peace. Do not let your mind’s speculations run away with you. Be at peace and allow Love to rule all, peace to be your daily perception and feeling within, for all is well, my beloveds, all is well. You are loved dearly and God will guide you upon the correct path, unique for each one of you, my beloveds. Be at peace. God bless you, Confucius loves you.