Spirit: Augustine

Medium:  Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: September 07, 2015

Bless you, my beloveds, your teacher Augustine is here. Each of you is experiencing a deep shift within yourselves. This is a time of observing, of releasing and stepping into a new realm of consciousness and closeness with your Heavenly Father.For what you have received in your gatherings have enlightened your souls, my beloveds, have brought more Love into your souls and this will have its effects in all parts of your beings. For you cannot have a greater Light within you and it not influence all parts of you. You may resist or suppress, you may turn away, you may have all manner of emotions and thoughts regarding this, but I tell you, the power of God’s Love, its ability to transform your being, to cleanse your souls, to influence your minds, your thinking and your perceptions, is greater than any blessing in the universe, my beloveds, it is greater than anything you may receive as a blessing, for this is the essence of the Creator. This is a substance that is born from His Soul given to your soul through the workings of the Holy Spirit.

And as God draws you closer to Him, as you make those steps towards harmony and Light and Love, you will change. This is inevitable. And yes, through your inner fear you may resist this change or misinterpret this welling up within you, but it will have its effects nonetheless, and you, my beloved, beautiful souls, must acknowledge the shifts, the mighty shifts within you. And it does take time for you to acclimate to these new conditions within you and once you come to that place of acceptance and peace after all that is within you is pushed and pulled and changed about by the power of this Love, then the skies will clear and the sun will shine and the clarity of your perceptions, born of the soul, the wonderment of your soul awakened and perceiving, perceiving the great Soul of God, the wonderment of Creation and all that is within this world and the world of spirit, you will be changed, my beloveds. For that place which you thought was solid within you, that understanding will have changed and grown to something else and brings within you a sure and deep knowing of who you truly are and what God’s Creation truly is and who God is in His Being.

Yes the road is long, my beloveds, as this transformation continues for all eternity. But these initial steps you will find dramatic and challenging and in the end greatly rewarding. You must be willing, you must allow, you must have faith and trust in God and His Love and you will begin to understand truly the power of His Love, the glory of His Love, the blessing that is truly given in Love to you, my beloveds.

And we in spirit who observe you and have observed many of you for many long years are joyed at seeing this Light within you, the shifts that are coming and have come, and that perception within as you have your eyes just barely open like a newborn child perceiving the new world which is born within. You, my beloveds, are just opening to this understanding, this world of Love and God’s presence. Do not be overwhelmed or greatly concerned. Do not allow yourself to be in turmoil, but be with God, who is your anchor and who will guide you along this Path of redemption and transformation. And we will surround you, my beloveds, we will walk with you, for we too have taken this road and know it well and understand the struggles that you face, the changes that are coming and in time, my beloveds, you will be joyously embracing all that will come from within and without. For it is a great journey endowed with great meaning and purpose and opening awarenesses which you do not have a great understanding of at this time but it will open and reveal, reveal such beauty and the glory of God’s Creation.

It all awaits your coming ever closer. You are shedding that which holds you back. You are accepting the invitation to move forward. You are letting God into your lives more fully and in every part of your lives. Allow, my beloveds, allow this, rejoice in this and walk in this Light that will bring you to so many unexpected places within yourselves and within the world.

Beloved students, your teacher Augustine rejoices with you in the dawning of your true selves to yourselves in this awakening, and you barely see, you barely feel this new world, but it is indeed all around you, all within you. You are a part of it and it is a part of you. Continue to walk with us, continue to ask the Heavenly Father to receive His Love, this Great Blessing which will complete the healing, the birthing, the transformation. You begin anew, my beloveds, you begin anew. And as with every newborn there is rejoicing there is great rejoicing to our Heavenly Father, as you are unique and a beautiful creation of God. Beloved, beloved and precious, God bless you. Your teacher Augustine loves you and is with you on your journey. God bless you.