Spirit: Alec Gaunt

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: September 30, 2015

You have all that you require, my beloved friends, to do this work. You have that Light within your souls, the Divine Essence burning away, guiding your way. You have the knowledge of the Love and the support of the angels. You have a desire to change this world, to be used in some way, to utilize your Gifts, your beings, that channel of Love within you, to bring change to this world for the better, to bring healing and balance and Truth. And you have each been given a Gift when you attended the gathering that will assist you in this and give you more of what you require to do the Father’s Will in this world.

Ah, what is that, the Father’s Will? You can only know the Father’s Will by going within you to know your souls and that still voice that lay within your souls, so quiet yet so powerful, so beautiful and wise. Yet many of you remain on the surface of your awareness and ask from that place of the mind where the questions cannot be answered, they must be answered from your soul, my beloveds. It is there, deep within you, so much, so much awaiting your effort, your risk, your longing to go beyond your mental imaginings to that place that is more real than any other place. What has more to give you in insight and knowledge and Truth than the ability to commune with God?

Remember, my beloved friends, always go to God and always seek the Highest. Make that effort. Make that effort to go to God and seek His Love, to go deep within you in your prayers, to seek Truth in everything, to express your Love in clarity and honesty and integrity, to walk your path guided by God and you will be surely surprised at where you land up, where you may go, who you may meet and what you may do.

Much awaits you my friends, your effort and desire to be that beautiful channel of Love in the world that God so desires you to be and you, within your souls, are eager to be. Continue to pull away the veil of your own mental illusions and go deep within yourselves to find Truth and clarity, Love and insight, perceptions that are beyond the mind and flourish within the soul. God bless you, beloved, beloved souls, travellers along this wonderful Path who journey with eyes open, souls eager, the deep desire to know Truth and express Love. God bless you, beautiful souls, and we are always with you upon this Path and in your efforts to be a channel of Love in the world. We’re always with you. God bless you. God bless you.