Spirit:  Moses

Medium:  Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: October 5, 2015

I am Moses and I’ve come a great distance to be with you, my beloveds, for I live in the Celestial Heavens.

Yes, when I was on Earth I journeyed near and far. My life was filled with journeys and I relied upon my Heavenly Father to guide me along my path and I sought His guidance and His presence in my life. And, in so doing, I brought a deep insight into myself and an ability to see, to have vision spiritually. And you, my beloved, beautiful souls, it is like you are in a boat upon the seas and you are all together in this boat being guided by God. Some of you have vision, some have wisdom, you all contribute in some way to this journey together as God guides you and uses your Gifts to contribute to the journey.  Beloved souls, know that God has brought you together, that He gives you the Gift of one another, that He shows you, through His guidance, the steps you must take, the journey upon these waters of life.  

Yet, you know not where you go, but you know you were meant to go in this direction, to follow this course and to be together in loving support of one another, to receive the guidance of God, to be in loving harmony, to share this journey of Love. Continue in your loving support, continue to pray for God’s Love to enter your souls so that you may have the fuel for this journey, that flame within you that supports and carries you and gives you that deep faith that God is leading you on an important quest, a beautiful journey of Love.

And, there are things you must do, my beloveds. You must send your prayers to your Heavenly Father, you must believe and have faith that these prayers will reach their mark and elicit the response from the Creator to your souls, opening within you the vision that you require to journey forward. And when you feel you are lost upon this ocean and it does not feel that you move forward, your Father will show you that indeed you are, that you grow within yourselves, that you are becoming transformed by this Love and you will continue upon this great journey, upon this ocean of Love. And much awaits you, my beloveds, as you continue in your faithful and obedient way together, guided by God. It is not only a journey to discover your true selves, but a journey of service, expressing Light and beauty, expressing who you truly are and a channel of God’s Love in this world.

And you continue, my beloveds, you continue and God will ever be there like a guiding star a great light showing you where you must go. Take comfort in one another and use your Gifts to support one another in loving ways and as you support one another, you help each beautiful soul to open a little further and to be a clearer channel in the world.

Yes, I journeyed far and I’m known amongst men for my journeys, but you, my beloveds, will journey further and you will, in time, save many souls from the dark and lost journey that they are on. Show them the way, God’s Way to Light and great peace and joy. Beloved souls, may the Father touch your souls deeply, bring you peace and joy and wisdom that can come from only that place within you that is in touch with God.  God bless you, my beloveds, I am Moses and I come to encourage you upon your journeys and I walk with you as you discover each day as a Gift from God, God bless you.