Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 6, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Augustine. You pray my beloveds to accept and appreciate the differences of those around you, to walk humbly in the world and yet often instead you take umbrage with these differences and take personally criticisms and perspectives that are not in harmony with your own. How are you to be an example of the Father’s blessed Love if you are in a state of judgment, if you cannot accept with humility and unconditional love the differences of another? As long as you seek the acceptance of another, which from the other side of this coin you seek to have others behave in the acceptable manner of your perspective, then you will not truly forge bonds of love and acceptance amongst you. Give each person their time and place in the world, expressing who they are from that place, their own perspectives, their own view of the world. Do so by honouring them, not that which is of error and clearly of error, but to see that each is upon a path of learning, understanding, healing, and bringing greater love into their beings. Do your angel friends judge you my beloveds? For we see everything, even those thoughts you do not share. They are very transparent to us.

With the infusion of the Father’s Love, the awakening of the soul’s perceptions, in time you too will be able to see those things that are often hidden not only with in yourself but within others. Will you then judge and withhold love and seek to change and cajole another to be in greater harmony with your own perspective and desire for them to be in a certain way? These human conditions within you become more and more apparent to you do they not as you continue to grow in the Father’s Love? But as we have told you before, we cannot change the patterns of your thinking. It is for you to do so, it is for you to strive for greater harmony and love and acceptance not only within your soul which exemplifies these characteristics and perspectives, but within your mind as well. When we say you must harmonize your mind and your soul it is God that harmonizes your soul, awakens and heals and brings truth and beauty and many gifts within. But it is for you to make the efforts necessary to tame the unruly human characteristics of the mind. This requires discipline and it requires wisdom.

As long as you desire and require that you speak and converse from the perspective of the mind, you will be caught up in the human condition. It is for you to blend the perspective of the mind with the wisdom and knowledge of the soul to bring a harmony, to marry these two perspectives into one that is in harmony. That is required at this time, for you have come to a place where the power, the greatness of your soul far exceeds the capacity of your minds. For the expression of your being in this world, you must acclimatize yourselves to this new way, the soulful way of being in the world. It does indeed take practice and discipline, faith, and patience. When you feel the conditions and perspectives of your mind running roughshod over the loving nature of your soul, preempting the wisdom and humility and the love, you must stop and consider your choice. Expressing yourself in the world in this considered way is very important. It is a serious test beloveds, a test of your commitment and the degree in which you are serious about walking in the world as a channel of love. For all that is required to do so is within you at this time. The Love of God burns brightly within your souls. But it does indeed take time for your minds to catch up with this progress within, this beautiful condition that you carry. Though it does require discipline and faith, you must also be gentle with yourself, for it would be easy for you to discredit your own beautiful soul with these awarenesses of the inadequacies of your mind and the patterns that so bedevil you in your daily life.

Continue to pray for God’s Love to heal all, to give you the strength, the patience, the forbearance, the discipline so that you may overcome these mental vestiges of error. If you can do this, you have won the battle between the mind and the soul. You have achieved something that very few have done in this world. You will walk in light and grace and beauty and love and nothing within you will detract from this. Your minds will acquiesce, your thoughts will be of a higher quality and love will purvey it all and bring a deep peace and a wondrous joy to your life. If you are to be examples of this truth then all of you must be in alignment with it so that you may indeed teach these truths, not just with words but with actions. With your own countenance you will walk in this light.

I do not suggest that you discount your thoughts. Merely that you wash away those conditions which you know even within your mind are not in harmony with love. Your thoughts are a valuable thing, they are a part of your being. But the greatest part, the part that continues for eternity is the consciousness of the mind of the soul awakened in God’s Love and this is what you nurture beloved friends. This is what we are all striving towards, the awakened soul that continues to grow and expand in the Father’s Love for all eternity. Make this your focus beloveds. Do not concern yourself about the struggles of others, though indeed you live in community and you interact with the intention of love for all. It is important that you set aside your judgments and bring love always. Within your soul this is the case in every situation and this must be brought forward in your thinking, in the words that you speak and the interactions that you have. You may say I do not care for this, I do not wish to indulge or take part in that or another. But in truth, you are all interconnected, you are all a part of this journey and in some ways you are your brother’s keeper. So you may observe in another some behaviour that is not of love. Do not judge them and if this behaviour is directed towards you, say a prayer for them and do not take on those conditions, do not take personally an attack, a judgment from another. When you can be detached in this way, strong in love, strong in the knowledge of your own self and your own integrity, then these things cannot truly touch you and are not worth your investment of thought and time.

Always be loving my beloveds. This is the example, this is living the Truth of God’s Love, this is being a channel of love and this is your challenge.For all who walk this path, their challenge is to be loving at all times. That God may use each one of you with each day, with each breath, because you are in a condition of love. You have chosen to put aside the human conditions that are not of love and walk in love, in peace, in wisdom, in truth. There are times when you may confront error, and this is important, but if you do so with the motivation to correct and dominate another who is in error, then you join in that error and you do not bring love and healing to the situation. Step wisely beloveds, consider your words. Walk in peace, love your brothers and sisters, love yourself, be compassionate, be wise. In this way you will lead many to the truth for they will see that you are strong and that you carry the banner of truth in every way as you walk in this world. Yes, you continue to grow and stretch and be an expression of love in your world but not perfect. With each day you become a little stronger, a little wiser, you glean a little more Love from God and you work towards these harmonious conditions of which I speak.

Know that we are with you to help you, we are with you to teach you and to love you. Know that you are a work in progress as you say and be patient with yourself, but be strong and clear with your intentions and your desires to be a loving agent of God.

May God bless you my beautiful friends who struggle so in this world of yours and yet so many blessings are heaped upon you. Day after day, moment by moment, God continues to bless you beloveds. He sends his angels to be with you. May your choices always be for light, may your words always reflect love, may your thoughts be in the flow of God’s Love.

God bless you my beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine and I love you, beautiful souls who continue on this Path Divine. God bless you beloveds. God bless you.