Spirit: John Wesley
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 5, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, I am John Wesley and I am happy that this individual has accepted my presence and is able to speak the words which I wish to convey. I am now an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom and in order to do so, many of my attitudes and ideas had to be changed and reconstructed within the Truth of Divine Love. This happens to many of us who pass into spirit. We must rethink everything because the spiritual planes are so different, and the options and possibilities of life are widened substantially in these higher planes of existence.

I was a man of great ambition, strong opinion, and a great desire to lead my brethren into greater truth and understanding of the Bible and of Jesus and of God. But alas, my greatest effort and success lay in creating many edicts and moral ideas for a proper way of life in your world. This is not altogether a failure, for I have influenced many people who have enjoined the Methodist movement and brought them to a place of proper comportment in this world. I too was influenced by angels, by God, by my prayers, my efforts to truly understand. But you must realize that during the time of my life on Earth there were many restrictions which created an inability to think beyond the norms of the day. So, I tried my best with what information I had, what understanding I gleaned, what inspiration that came from God. But I was unable to clearly understand the truths that were attempted to be given to me by the angels in heaven. My mind would not accept that which was not in orthodoxy presented within the Bible. As best I could do was to reorganize and rearrange the information within that noble book and come up with a somewhat new formula for believers to live within.

I have not seen a great deal of change within this church since those days. This is a great disappointment to me, for now that I reside within those lofty heights of heaven, I do indeed see life very differently, I do indeed see truth very differently. Yet I must witness amongst humanity and amongst those in spirit in the lower spheres who continue to strive to live this doctrine and yet can go no further than their intellectual understanding of this way of life.

So indeed, my church, and I would venture to guess all churches in your world, are in need of great reformation to shift towards truth and closer to love. To teach the power of the soul, the power of God’s Love within that soul, is the highest Truth. You know this my friends. You hold the truth within the palm of your hands and you live it as best you can in your world. I was extremely motivated to teach the truth that I understood. I had a great desire to see the betterment of mankind through Christian doctrine. Now within you, budding from your souls is the desire to bring a higher truth. I say to you my friends, it requires tenacity, consistency, great faith and a great desire to step forward in the world declaring the truth as you understand it. And yes, though I fret somewhat about instances of error that I have proclaimed, I see in the bigger picture that I have done some good in the world, that my efforts were for the betterment of many. Yet I could not convey the clearer and higher Truth of God’s Love for I did not understand this. Yet you, my friends, have a clear understanding of these higher truths. You have been well educated, you have many skills and abilities. You are gifted with gifts of the spirit and you have many angels by your side.

What stops you from declaring this truth, at least to begin to ignite the changes and reformation of the Christian doctrines in your world, these doctrines so mired in intellectual belief and a desire for control of the minds of men? In this way truth has been perverted by the ambition to have control, wealth and power as all of these baser human tendencies continue to hold sway upon many churches not just mine, but many. This control, this evil intent, must be freed and removed from the religious organizations that strive theoretically for the betterment of the souls of mankind. It requires a strength, clarity, intention and deep faith in God to make any change in your world that is predicated upon truth and is inspired by God’s Will and desire for humanity to be in the flow and light and grace of truth.

Each of your souls desires to make change in the world, to walk in the light, to affect the minds of your brothers and sisters and turn their thoughts towards God and towards the nurturing of their own souls. In this time that you live within, though there is much information and much freedom, you must grasp and uphold the truth that you know with a fervency and a deep desire to bring this awareness, this awakening, to all those in your stead. How else is change accomplished in your world? It is that individuals stand up and speak the truth no matter the consequences or reactions from those around them. Jesus did not turn away when confronted. Though he did not raise his voice in anger and frustration, he merely stated the truth with calm resolution, with clarity of thought and a deep purpose within the soul to be a channel of love and truth in the world. Yes, many will turn away from you in this regard, but some will be drawn towards you and you will have an effect as God’s channels and instruments change within that individual. Seek out those who seek you out beloveds, give them the truth freely, do so with deep love and appreciation of their souls, do so with compassion, do so with a selfless motivation to do God’s work and you will affect change my friends. You will have an impact in the world that will reverberate and touch other souls who will touch other souls and so God’s plan for the salvation of mankind will be enacted through you and through others, and on it will go until in some day there will be light and peace and harmony upon this Earth of yours. One person may not change the world, but they may certainly change their world which will have its effects and benefits. That is all that can be asked of you my friends. If you are true and sincere to your prayers and desire to act as God’s agents in the world, you must act and be this agent with every breath, upholding the truth, upholding the light and being a channel of the Love of God.

I made my mark in the world. You know me even today. I did not do so by being reluctant, ambivalent, nor to shy away from the challenge. I stood up for what I believed was right and what I knew needed to be done. In my somewhat stubborn ways, I persisted and worked tirelessly for the cause of Methodism. You live in a new time, a different time, and you must stand up for your cause my friends, to bring greater change, greater insight, more of God’s pure and true Light to the efforts of mankind to truly understand religious life and spiritual awakening. To bring humanity closer to God is the noblest of efforts and purpose in life. You stand upon the edge of new beginnings, new opportunities, and I implore you my friends, especially you my son ( B) who I have been close to often, to grasp the opportunities that are laid before you, to speak the truth as you know it in words that those you speak to will accept. To continue to be consistent and persistent in these efforts, to not give up ever, but to carry on, to think of the great need that is out there my friends. To bring greater happiness and harmony to this world if humanity is able to grasp the simple truths of the soul.

My friends, you have many friends in heaven. You are watched by many, not only in the heavens, but in many spheres of spirit, you are known. For you are blazing an important trail in a very crucial time in the history of your world and we watch eagerly to see how the struggle and effort to bring humanity up further in consciousness and light may play out. As long as there are those of you who are strong enough, brave enough, to step forward and declare the truth, there is always hope that the world can change. Affecting change is not as complicated as you might imagine, but it does require sacrifice, dedication and effort. For you who understand more fully the power of the soul, you must listen, listen intently to God’s guidance so that you may know what road to take, what steps to make, what words to speak, who you may indeed reach out to who will assist you in your effort. Yes, in one way this road seems very complex, but in another, from the perspective of the soul and the clarity of the soul, the road is straight and narrow, unadorned and clear as to its direction.

May you walk forward my friends and continue to serve God as you have and to do so with a greater commitment and intensity, so you may affect change in this world that will have its lasting effects and consequences to bring greater light. You hold a great power within you, a great truth. May you share this wealth amongst your brothers and sisters and walk in grace and love and joy, with a surety and a clarity, a strength, and a humility that will earn you the respect and listening of others to what you have to say.

God bless you my friends. I am John Wesley and I will continue to be with you, to support you in any way that I am able. For as an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom it is my blessing and privilege to serve humanity in its struggle to be uplifted and be pure in the Light of God’s laws and Love. So I serve you my friends and serve all who are willing to work towards these ends. God bless you. God bless you.