Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 5, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, it is Andrew. Your prayers for those who have transitioned from this world are important, for you add light to their progress and their journey and adjustments to life in this world of spirit. In your prayers they can come close and join with you in this light that you draw to yourselves from God. You see, the bond of love that you have for your departed loved ones is a powerful bond. One that can be used to benefit them, one in which they may too pray for you, for your benefit. For in reality the two states of being in the flesh and in the spirit are not so distant, they are close. But you must be open and receptive to these opportunities for connection to your loved ones and allow them a voice in your consciousness, for they too wish to speak to you and assure you of their well-being.

Beloved souls, it is important for you to make effort to be in the light while you are on this earth plane, to nurture your souls, to be in a place of love and peace, to allow God to touch your soul deeply with His Love. This above all else brings the healing and peace that all desire. When you are in a prayer such as this, you open yourselves to the possibilities of healing, of love, of increasing your well-being and being uplifted from the conditions of this earth closer to God, closer to the light. The power of such Circles of Light have many benefits, not only towards those of you that sit together in this circle, but those of spirit who surround you, some in curiosity, some because they have this love bond with you, some who seek to learn and to grow in love and who pray with you.

We of the Celestial Kingdom surround you in your efforts, helping to uplift you and praying with you that we may all receive this blessing of love, that we may use the light, the power and intention of this group, to touch many others in your world and in our world. There are many benefits beloveds, many reasons for coming together in this way and each of you seeks your own healing, your own peace and well-being. But remember beloveds, you may also pray for the well-being of those of your brothers and sisters in this world of yours. The many, many souls who are connected to each one of you may benefit from your prayers and your actions here at this time. There are many layers that are activated and expressed, energized by your prayers, many avenues taken by God through you to reach others, to bless others. So many things beloved souls that you are not aware of, nor is it necessary you be aware. Yet I wish to assure you that when you create this circle in prayerful intention for the highest, you benefit many souls, you open the door for many blessings and you are blessed with a deep awakening of your own soul as God touches you deeply with His Love. May you come to long for this connection together in love and harmony, being with God in this way with innocence, trusting in the blessings of our Creator to bring about many things in your lives that reflect love and harmony, peace and joy that you may be in the world as a channel of love and light for many. You are blessed beloveds, deeply blessed, and we will continue in our circles and efforts to bring light and love to this world and to our world. Channels of love, beloveds, as you open yourself to God. So His Love flows through you, accumulates amongst you, flows from you into the world. Such blessings, so many blessings come in this simple prayer and coming together in love. May you continue to do so.

Beloved souls, I am Andrew. I am with you in prayer as are many angels and spirits who enjoin your efforts to bring greater light to this world. God bless you beloved souls. May God keep you in His Grace, in the flow of His Love. God bless you.