Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Sydney, Australia
Date: November 14, 2018

I am very pleased to see the three of you together at this time and I wish to inform you that we do indeed have an agenda, a purpose to fulfill, while you are together. Primarily we wish to create within this place a node of light that will be used in this part of the world as your beloved brother continues in his prayer vigil and efforts here. So, with the three of you together, there is a possibility of being successful with this venture of creating a portal and Centre of Light here that will be useful in the future. You will be surprised what may come through your efforts, what is possible with your prayers, what can be accomplished through your dedications and ministrations together.

Always remember that you are surrounded by many spirits, many who are in need of assistance and loving ministrations to assist their soul growth. So when we create a Centre of Light, we not only do so for those on the Earth plane but for those in spirit as well. Many, many souls benefit and there are many layers and dimensions to this work. So do not assess your efforts from merely the mind’s perception of what is plainly before you. Recognize that there are many other aspects to what you do and how you are being utilized by God as His servants of light. This often requires a certain humility and an acceptance of what may seem on the surface a very modest effort, but in fact, your efforts plant many seeds and many beginnings and possibilities that will come to fruition in the future.

Never underestimate the power of God’s Will and the beauty of His plan for the salvation of mankind. That your footfalls may be carefully chosen and guided by God is important at this time, that you are also willing to venture forth and to touch other souls as God’s channels. Put aside any reluctance or judgments or desire to assess the effectiveness of your work. These things come from the mind and are not helpful in your mutual efforts. Allow your days to unfold in God’s guidance with the help of your angel friends, that you may work together adding your piece to the puzzle, adding your understanding to the greater whole of what it is that you are doing in this effort together. This is a challenge at times and this is a test. This is a great opportunity to work together. This will inform the future, beloved souls, of what may come to be in this great effort as channels of God’s Love and Truth.

Realize that you each bring certain gifts, perceptions and abilities that complement your mutual efforts together. Allow these gifts to unfold and work into the fabric of this beautiful effort. You will learn and grow from this, beloveds, if you are willing to open your minds and your souls to what is being given in these precious moments together.

Again, I reiterate, do not underestimate the power and the possibilities of what may come from your efforts. As long as you are in alignment with God, so many possibilities may flow forth from your ability to release control of the outcomes and allow the flow of God’s Will in everything that you do together.

Much can be accomplished in this way and much will unfold in the possibilities of your present situation. Pray to be guided, beloved friends. Pray that your eyes may be opened so that you may see, that your ears may be opened that you may hear, that your soul may be opened so that you may understand. And in this way, all will unfold in the beauty, wonderment, and Grace of God’s Will.

God bless you my friends. I am happy to greet you and we will continue to work together. There is much that we in spirit wish to convey in this time that you share and that we share with you. Allow God’s guidance to infuse your dreams, your prayers, your thoughts and do not restrict yourselves. Allow all to unfold in harmony.

God bless you. I am Seretta Kem. I am with you, beloved friends. God bless you.