Spirit: Matthew
Medium:  Al Fike
Date: June 18, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Matthew. We are not so concerned that you recognize us for who we are, merely that the words that we speak through this instrument may be heard and pondered upon, that you may know that we in the Celestial Kingdom make an effort to be with you in this world. This is made possible because there is a longing here to receive the Divine Love from God. Where there is that longing, that desire, we are able to come and be with you because you invoke the Law of Attraction and you invoke the Laws of Love. Thus this connection, this relationship that we share together in prayer, is made possible because you have made a choice to seek for the blessing of this Love, this Essence of God, to flow into your souls.

Indeed what you desire, the contents of your thoughts, the make-up of the Light or lack of Light within your being, draws to you your reality. It can be dark indeed, filled with fear, judgement, pain, anger, mistrust, and all of the conditions of the human origin that keep you away from God and stuck within the human condition. Or you may choose to desire Light, upliftment, Truth, Love. That choice remains with every moment of your lives, my beloved souls.

So you draw to you what you think and feel, and what you think and feel draws into you your reality. Often that reality is made up of the mind and the thoughts of the mind. Yet we invite you to consider that there is another reality within your being that is often neglected and unrecognized, that of your soul. The understanding of the soul is quite different from that of the mind, the material mind. You have within you two minds my beloveds, the material mind and the soul mind. Each may entertain different realities at once, causing a great deal of confusion for those who are aware of both to try and reconcile these two realities, these two ways of viewing your existence.

The world of the material mind is complex, is subject to many influences, and even energies that are around you, my beloveds. For the thought conditions of this world are powerful indeed and fixate certain realities, understandings, within most of you who dwell upon this earth. Thus you say, “This is real and this is not.” You make that judgement from your mind, often based on your five senses, and your conclusion as to what these things are that you perceive. Most of humanity continues to walk in the world in this frame of reference, without considering that there are other frames of reference possible within each individual. The thought of shifting from that comfortable place of understanding the world can be intimidating and can bring fear. At times, those who have shifted a great deal to other realities are considered insane and require intervention. Of course there are times when this is appropriate, but often the reality that those who are within it is valid but not common.

For those of you who have walked this path for some time, you too sense the differences and you dance between the two, these two realities. Not a reality that is just a part of the mind repositioning itself within the parameters of its reality, no this is different. This is the strength of the soul that has absorbed within it the power of the Divine Essence, igniting certain faculties which create a different perspective, a different Truth. In this, there is an invitation, a drawing of one’s consciousness to a different place of perception, a different framework of seeing the world and this framework is predicated upon Love.

Love must be a part of each and every aspect of this new perception, this new way of being and seeing. Without the power of Love, there is no true purpose of shifting one’s reality, of subscribing to the soul and its reality. For without the Love of God igniting the soul, this other reality would become nothing more than a curiosity, a fleeting experience, an opening of perceptions of the soul that are not sustained, because it is only the Divine Love of God that not only awakens this new way, but sustains and develops and brings it into fruition. Indeed, this process takes time. There are shifts and adjustments, lessons and deep, deep perceptions that may give the viewer difficulty because of the intensity of the conditions of your world. Yes you must be strong to walk in this way in the world, to see in this way without flinching or retreating back to old and obsolete views of reality.

To march forward my beloveds, is to accept the new dawn of Love and Truth that God intends for this world. You are the vanguards seeking to move forward. Scientists of the soul, discovering its mysteries and coming to a different Truth than what has been placed within your mind. This is not easy. Yet, does it not excite you and bring a deep enthusiasm for what is possible, what experiences you may have in the universe of God’s reality? This is the power of Divine Love my beloveds, to open the faculties of the soul, and with some effort and faith merge the reality of the soul with the reality of the mind, harmonizing the two and bringing a new perspective to each soul who is willing to take this journey of awakening. This is the power of Divine Love, my beloveds, the power of prayer and receiving this gift. It does not end. The awakening continues, the perceptions come one after the other, like waves on the ocean. They are not confusing or threatening, but the challenge comes with the acceptance of the mind, that so wishes to be in charge of Truth and yet is wholly incapable of knowing the Truth of the soul without the soul awakened and feeding the mind with its perceptions and experience.

You each, to some degree, have chosen to take the path less traveled, to sound the depths of the possibilities of the soul. We have told you many, many times, this comes with the inflowing of God’s Love. The inflowing of God’s Love comes with prayer and faith, beseeching God with your innermost desires to receive this blessing, this gift, igniting  the reactions, the changes, the cleansing of the soul, and the eventual awakening of the soul. Yes you are adventurers upon a wondrous path that is filled with wondrous and magnificent blessings and awarenesses. This is your reward for your efforts, my beloveds, to see with this depth of knowing, to acknowledge with the eyes of the soul and the mind of the soul, the glory of God’s Creation, which is magnificent and complex and filled with beauty and Love. This reality is the reality that you will keep and will sustain you as you continue to grow within your souls and come closer to God. It will expand. It will bring you great joy, wondrous understanding of the Truth.

May you walk this road, beloved souls, with the understanding that all you call truth will shift and change and evolve into something more solid and absolute in its reality. This gift God gives to every soul who desires thus, to go and find their own true selves, and find God, and to merge in this relationship of knowing and sharing the reality of God. You will find your ways beloved souls. You have some inkling of this, some fleeting experiences, but they will come more often and eventually the veil is lifted and the true reality begins to take form within your consciousness. You will see my beloveds, as God continues to nurture your soul, to bring it to life, and you awaken thus in this great journey of Love. God bless you my beloveds, I am Matthew and I Love you. I take great pleasure in watching you grow and awaken in Love. God bless you, God bless you.