Spirit: Luke
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 24, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

You have asked some questions, dear daughter, questions that you desire to have answers for and a deeper understanding of. Love brings all answers to all questions. The opening of the soul and its faculties brings deeper awareness. To see beyond the superficialities of the human existence can often be difficult and challenging, for to look to another and see beyond their mask and superficiality, to see that true person to whatever degree you are able to penetrate with the eyes of your soul, must bring with it compassion and love. When you see a fault, some imperfection, something that is not of love, something out of harmony and you respond with judgment, a sense of disapproval, a negative reaction that brings with it anger or thoughts of rejection, things that are not of love, then you are falling back upon the patterns of the mind, the material mind. These patterns are so common and commonplace within your culture and your life’s experience. We have asked you all to break the patterns, to change these patterns and have the chains of repression and error, darkness and a lack of love, be broken. In their place may there be love, compassion, a sense of understanding that God gives you as a gift with the opening of your soul, with the development of your gifts and perceptions and capacities of the soul.

It is love that brings healing and brings harmony and with each one of you within your circle of seven there is a mixture of both conditions. Your souls desire the highest, desire to be expressed in love, to be compassionate and wise. Yet your minds may often continue to indulge yourselves in thoughts and emotions that are not of love. So, I ask you my friends. What is your true and honest feeling when you perceive error in another? If it is compassion, you are responding with your soul’s light and capacity to love. If you are feeling distance, rejection, a sense of power in your perception that allows you to feel superior, if you reject another because you see that they do not comply with your expectations of who they must be in your eyes, then you are giving sway to the mind’s patterns and desire to be right, to be superior, to have some sense of power, the power that comes with knowledge. Yet this power is focussed upon gaining a sense of superiority over another. In your world these mental conditions are predominant and it is difficult to detach yourselves from these conditions which surround you always in your world.

We have asked you to be disciplined in your thoughts, to walk in the Light and ideally to be a channel of Love. Are you able to do this when confronted with darkness, error, the vulnerability of others in their own confusion and inability to choose Light? Can you truly call yourselves a channel of Love when you judge, pull back, desire to correct and to give advice as if you are superior and incapable of error yourselves?

Beloved souls, humility is important. Compassion is necessary. To be in harmony together you cannot have love without these elements in play and guiding your every step together. And you know full well that each of you carries a certain measure of error, behaviours and attitudes, thoughts and feelings that are not in harmony with God’s Love and the laws of His Love. You are human, you are mortals living in a plane that is mostly of darkness and error. Yet if we were to judge you, my beloveds, would we continue in our efforts, our work to assist you to a higher place of being a greater light in your expression, a deeper way of loving in the world and loving yourself? No, we would not be capable or qualified to be your helpers and guides, teachers and gatekeepers for we would not be governed by love, rather we would ourselves be a part of the condition in which we fight against.

You have committed yourselves, beloved souls, to work with the highest, the angels of Heaven and to do so is a noble commitment, one that rarely is a part of those who wish to serve in the ways that you wish to serve. Yet you have come to the realization of the Truth of God’s Love and the power of this Love to bring change and healing to yourselves and to this world. So, you must be an example, a light, a beacon so that others may see and follow, may know and trust in your integrity, in who you are in the world. Many watch you, my beloveds. Many, many watch you, both on your side of life and ours. They see, they observe, they take note. Many are drawn because their souls are drawn, their souls sense your light and the Truth that you carry. But their minds may desire to contradict what they feel and are looking for reasons to do so. So, when you are amongst others and express judgment, some negative feeling, thought, something that is not of light, you empower the minds of others to reject you and to reject the message that you give.

I know this is a difficult demand upon you to reach for the highest, to walk with integrity and light, to choose to be responsive with the power of love within your souls rather than the ideas of your mind. This is why we encourage you to continue to be dominated by the soul and to allow the mind to acquiesce to this new way of being. This is your challenge, beloved souls, this is your challenge.

As for baring your hearts, your thoughts to one another, you have been asked to do so on more than one occasion, to be honourable and of the light in your interactions with one another, for this is a great proving ground when you are together to see if you are capable of truly loving one another. Each of you well know your own thoughts, your own feelings towards one another. You try to be loving and at times your minds disagree with your feelings. You have within you judgments, desires, expectations, a need to be loved and recognized by your fellow companions upon this path and this is all too human. With the power of God’s Love these human things, these human thoughts and desires become neutralized and transformed with the power of God’s Love. So, we have asked you to pray and pray intensely and no doubt you are aware of these conditions as you pray, as you come to know your true selves and your true thoughts that rise up within your consciousness and influence your experience and relationship with God in prayer.

These awarenesses are a gift. They mark your progress, your understanding of Truth. At times you allow these conditions to get the better of you and at other times you are able to overcome and allow them to melt away in love. When another hurts you, the most powerful response is forgiveness. When you disagree with another, be accepting and loving. When you have an intense reaction of another’s behaviour, realize that within you lies the same condition and their gift to you is to bring you to that awareness. And your gift to yourself is to pray to your Heavenly Father so that He may help you release that condition that you may be healed in Love.

Yes, there are many challenges that you each must face as you walk this path towards light and harmony, as you make your efforts to fulfill this noble commitment towards direct voice and other gifts so that you may bring this Truth of God’s Love to humanity in beautiful and dramatic ways. But first you must be the epitome of this Love. You must walk this path in such a way that you are not subject to the criticisms of others who find fault in you. Yes, there will always be criticism and those who will find fault, but if they are not based on reality then there is no power to it. So, you have set for yourselves a very high standard and this we have encouraged you to do, because in order to fulfill this mission you must be strong and have the highest of intentions and express the blessing of God’s Love within your soul in everything that you are and everything that you do. We know and you are well aware that you cannot be perfect, that to be perfect in this world of yours would take a great deal of effort, though not impossible. For each one of you it is a goal that is unlikely to be obtained within your lifetime. So, you must have compassion for yourselves, beloveds, and yes, we would be very happy to see you bare your hearts and souls to one another in trust and love. In this way you will find a deeper union together, a deeper understanding of one another. This would give you the opportunity to express compassion, deep compassion, deep commitment to support and love each other. For some of you there is a deep fear of rejection. For others, there is a great tendency towards judgment. These human conditions continue to be alive within you and it is your choice, your choice my beloveds, as to how you will proceed and meet the challenges that are before you. You may hide away from these realizations or you may fully disclose, primarily to yourselves, what is within. In this deep honesty and a desire to express integrity in your daily life will come the key to liberation, for with these realizations comes your soul’s response in prayer to be released and healed from these conditions. God awaits the beseeching of your soul and mind for the blessing of His soothing and healing Love that will take from you your burdens and replace them with Love.

Are you strong enough, beloved souls, to truly gift yourselves with truth, the truth of your own being, the truth of your own vulnerability and imperfections and error? Spiritual progression requires such honesty. Truth requires a desire for truth. Love comes with this realization that you need within you a deep healing and release from the darkness. God’s Love will always respond to heartfelt longings of truthful reconciliation with the Laws of God’s Creation and His Love. Yes, you continue to hover upon the horns of a dilemma – to go forward means truthful understanding and acceptance of your own soul’s condition and those dreadful patterns of the mind. To fall back upon the old patterns within you is a capitulation to darkness. To move forward is an assertion of the Truth of the power of God’s Love. Can you move from this place of stasis to move forward, to embrace the reconciliation of your soul with God by receiving the benediction of His Love? Can you truthfully long and desire for change? Can you put the effort required, the discipline necessary to reject the old and worn patterns of your mind and accept that which comes with the liberation of your souls?

God awaits your decision and my beloveds it is always your decision that brings the healings and upliftments and blessings that you so desire. But that decision must be true and deep and heartfelt, not just of your mind but of those places within your soul that harbour deep pain. In acknowledging these places within you there is a fear, a fear that you must truly see yourselves as you are, not as you wish to be. Are you strong enough beloveds? For if you are you will gain the world, but you cannot pretend, you cannot say you are one thing but truly in your hearts you are another. You must be strong, clear, steadfast, of great faith, trusting in this process of change, of the transformation of your soul with the blessing of God’s Love. It is your choice, dependent upon your efforts, dependent upon your ability to allow your eyes to open, to look deep within yourself and see what must be seen, to know what must be known, and if this requires that you cry out in anguish, please do not reject yourselves, but cry out also in the joy of recognition and knowing that God may heal everything within you with His Love. This is the Truth and a powerful Truth that you know within your hearts and must express within your lives.

May God bless you, my beloved, beloved friends in all your endeavours and desires for Light and Truth, to be a channel of God’s Love, to bring the Truth of this Love to humanity. You are truly blessed, beloved souls, and these blessings will continue to pour upon you as you continue to forge ahead and make your progression from darkness to Light, from error to Truth, from your humanity to immortality. You will come to the Celestial Kingdom, my beloveds, in good time. You know the key, you walk the path and we continue to walk with you and our love for you shall never cease as God’s Love for you is endless. You will continue to be blessed and carried and blessed again and you are loved, you are truly loved and you are never alone but close in the bosom of God.

God bless you. I am Luke. God bless you my friends and keep you in His Light. God bless you.