Spirit: John Wesley
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 9, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am John Wesley. For many of you, your lives are a dream that you need to wake from. For you live within your mind, and the minds of mankind are shrouded in illusion, yet believes it knows the Truth. The only way that one can awaken from the illusions of mankind is through your souls. For within your soul is the capacity to know the Truth, to awaken to God’s Creation rather than to be asleep within the illusion of man. The world needs to awaken my friends, before it is too late and the illusions of mankind bring its own destruction. The world needs to awaken my friends, because God desires that all who live in this world will come to know the Truth of their own existence, and come to know the power of God and His Love, the power to awaken mankind from its slumbers and bring that clear and crisp knowing that comes from the faculties of the soul that are awakened by the touch of God.

This desire and effort to come to know Truth has been with humanity for as long as humanity has existed. Yet the vital flaw within all those in this world is that they believe the mind, the material mind, has all the answers. Yet the material mind has a limited view of the world and cannot truly know things that are beyond its capacity to understand. Yet God has blessed you with another faculty, another part of you, the most vital part of you, your soul. Laid within the soul are many gifts and faculties, abilities, and possibilities of knowing the Truth of your own creations, of God’s Creation of the universe. Until humanity awakens to these inner potentials and possibilities that lie dormant within, there cannot be great change and harmonization of this world of yours. For using just the capacities of the mind, humanity is woefully inadequate to solve the great dilemmas of humanity and mankind, in this world. So we come to you my friends, and to all those who are willing to listen, and strike the bell toll to try to awaken you to your souls, this wonderful part of your being that is your true selves, that struggles for recognition, that struggles to awaken and become alive and a vital part of your conscious self. Though each and every being in this world, each man woman and child, has a soul, the vast majority are asleep. We work ceaselessly under the guidance of God and the blessings of God, to help you to awaken my friends. For it is in the awakening of your souls that the world can be healed and humanity may find their true selves and their true relationship with the universe, with God. It does not come with great intellectual pursuits. It does not come with the will to make it so. It comes with humility and faith, and most of all, Love. Know this Truth, my friends. For those of you who seek Truth, know that all Truth begins with Love. For Love is what makes the universe what it is. It brings life. Understand this, and you come a long way to truly understanding yourselves and the nature of God’s Creation.

So I urge you, I beseech you, and all who are willing to listen, come to know your true natures, your own souls in relationship with the great Soul of God. The possibilities are limitless, the awakening is infinite. The knowings of the intricacies of the universe come on the heels of the power of Love, the Divine Love. I cannot say it more clearly to you, my friends. For those of you who seek, seek God, seek His blessings and all else will follow. I know that all of you wish to see changes in this world, healings for humanity, the end of struggle and war, deprivation, inequalities. All of these things cannot come without the soul awakened and truly in alignment with Love and with God. In this way, you will each become an agent of change in your world and truly an instrument of God’s Will.

So I give you this invitation, to seek this blessing, to put before you a commitment, that all those who seek will find, and all those who seek will be supported in Love, and doors will open, understandings will come, mysteries will be solved and revealed. Much awaits the soul that desires to awaken. God bless you my friends. I am John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, who now is an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom. Thank you for listening to my words today. God bless you and keep you in His Love. God bless you.