Spirit: John the Beloved
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 9, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

May the touch of God’s Love enter your souls and awaken the longings and desires deep within you for God. For His longing is to be close to you and for you to know that you are loved, and for you to receive the blessing of His Love within you. Just as the bees seek the nectar of the flowers, so your souls long for the sweet nectar of God’s Love to sustain and enrich your souls. For those of you of earth, it is hard to truly know your own souls, for you are engaged in a world that values thoughts and aspects of the mind over the wisdom and desires of the soul. The atmosphere of this world is thick with the thoughts of humanity. This reality that humanity has created with their thoughts and deeds, aspirations and desires, that are not of soul, but of mind.

So when a gathering such as yours comes together in this way, seeking to know your souls and seeking to know God through Love, you draw to you the angels. You draw to you a Light and blessing from God, so that you may come to realize this great Truth, that God is indeed Love and that His Love is the highest of all loves. The blessing of this Love is the most powerful of all blessings. To seek it in this world and receive this gift, despite all the conditions and aspects of this world that draws you away from this experience, you are bringing a powerful Light to this world and to yourselves.

Each of you seeks Light. Each of you continues to struggle to find Light and Truth, peace and Love. I urge you, beloved souls, those of you earnest upon your quest, to lay down the ideas and preconceptions of the mind and allow God to touch your soul and to feel this grace entering within you. This benediction of Light, this healing Love, that will open a whole universe of understanding and Truth within you. Opening the faculties of the soul, a new way, my beloveds, a new dawn of Light and Truth, that at first will be difficult for your mind to comprehend, but as time goes on, as your souls continue to become enlightened in Love, as you awaken to this Truth, this understanding will come. Even your minds will be satisfied and appeased by these Truths and you will see that it is a high road, a road towards great Light and peace and joy. God does not insist upon your belief or understanding of this gift, but He offers it readily and abundantly to those who have faith enough to accept it, to open themselves to it. This gift requires your effort to want it and for you to receive it. It must come with the longings of your soul.

So, your challenge beloved souls, is to plumb the depths of your being and find that place within you that truly longs for God. When this is found, when you come to know within you that deep longing, that place that often feels alone and yet is not alone, that place that yearns for Love and Love is freely given. One must overcome the barriers of the struggles of the soul and the mind so that it may be open readily with the innocence of a child, the trust that comes with the knowing soul to receive this gift, to truly know God in this way and to release all those human conditions that hold us in this environment of thought and mind, the human condition. It is time for humanity to slough off the yoke of its own making, the error that perpetuates so many conditions that are not of Love and all the baser human desires and expressions that do not bring harmony to this world.

You, my beloveds, beloved souls, you attempt to walk in the world but not of the world, to be in the Light and not to subscribe or reinforce the conditions of darkness of this world. With every step forward with humble desire, you express a great strength, the strength that comes from your souls that is expressed in your communion with God. To truly know that your Heavenly Father loves you and with His Love comes many gifts with the greatest of all is the gift of His Love. Each who are not truly aware of this gift that is proffered and I beseech you to listen to your heart and feel the longing within that will bring the response and the inflowing of this Love that will transform your souls, your beings, your lives in wondrous and beautiful ways. Much is to be gained by a simple prayer. The whole universe unfolds with the knowing of your own soul and relationship and at-onement with God.

My beloveds, I extend to you this invitation. God places His Hand upon you and asks, “Will you accept my Love? Are you willing to receive this gift that I give and will continue to give in abundance until your souls truly know me? Even then, I shall continue to bless you, beloved souls.” This is how much God loves you, my beloveds. This is the way to at-onement, the awakening of your souls, to truly understand why you were created, and to know the journey that God wishes you to take, to be in at-onement, to truly know the power of Love.

God bless you beloved souls, I am John, John the Beloved. My love and prayers are with you as you continue to create this circle of Light together, as are many angels and many spirits who join you in these times of seeking, praying for, and creating Light together. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.