Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 9, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Matthew. You may come from far and wide, my beloveds, but your souls know one another. Your souls have gathered here together to receive the blessings of God’s Love. There is understanding there deep within you, no matter what you think within your minds, your material minds, your souls know of God’s great blessing of His Love. Your souls yearn to receive this gift and this has motivated you to come together in this circle of light. Remember this, beloved souls, that there is something deep within you that compels you to come into light such as this, prayers such as these, gatherings of like-minded souls. You see God touches many souls and though that soul may not truly understand in words and thoughts the actions of God’s Touch upon them, the soul truly knows. The soul receives, the soul longs for this connection with God.

So, no matter what you do in your earthly life that is unrelated to this experience and Touch from God, there is something in each one of you beloved souls, that longs for this Touch, that seeks this gift and it is powerful enough to draw you together. Your minds may have explanations for why you are here, ideas as to how you have come to be here, but if the truth be told, it is the power of your longing souls to come together in this place, at this time, to share in this experience, which is the blessing of Divine Love within your souls.

Come to know the longings of your souls, my friends. Come to receive what it is that your souls seek. For the power of your soul is far greater than the power of your mind. The soul seeks until it finds. The soul quietly goes about its business, seeking the Source of all. In this, the light builds within you though you may not consciously express this desire. At times you are completely unaware of the soul’s intentions, but yet my beloved souls, it has brought you here. It has brought you to God and will bring you to God over and over again. Listen to the yearnings of your soul. Recognize those longings within you, deep within, that something that you have sought, something that feels is missing. It is the yearning of your soul to complete your connection with your Creator, to fulfill the longings of God and the longings that you have to be together in this flow of Love.

In many ways you do not know your true selves. You are distracted by the conditions of your world, the busyness of your minds, the desires for the material. You see these things as far more important than nurturing your souls in love. This is understandable considering the environment in which you live. So many conditions, thoughts, cultural imperatives, and demands upon your being take you away from this simple desire so easily missed by the mind. Yet that one desire for God is the most important longing of your life. It is the seed that shall bring you to a place of true awakening, shall bring your consciousness and your life to a place of light and joy and truth.

The power of God’s Love is wondrous in its scope, glorious in its effects upon you, within you, all about you. If you seek it in a conscious way and put your prayers forward to God, you will find that many doors will open, new possibilities will emerge, and that your soul will bring you to deeper understandings and knowledge of the universe, the world of God’s creation. You will stand forth with God, you and God together in sacred communion. This upliftment will bring you higher than any other effort you may make to seek truth, to fulfill the desires of your minds to understand the ways of this world and the next. This place that comes with the soul vulnerable and open to God has more power and potential within it to bring deep and lasting transformation within you, a strength and a knowing, an ability to truly love that cannot come from any other source. For the highest Love of all, the Love of God, will truly transform your soul.

As the Master Jesus said, “seek this, the kingdom, and all things shall come to you.” It is a truth my beloveds, it is a truth. Focus on this, receiving this Love, awakening your souls, and much will come indeed from your efforts, your prayers, the fulfillment of your longings. God will bless you, God will guide you and God will keep you in His Light and protect you always with the inflow of His Love. It is that simple, my beloveds. It is so simple. Seek and you shall find. Knock, and the door will open. Be with God and you will find your way and come to know all the answers that you seek, all the blessings that may come, all the light that is possible through the power of the Divine Touch upon you. Indeed, may God bless you my beloveds, and may you come to know this deep joy and fervent desire and perfect peace that awaits you. God bless you, I am Matthew and my love is with you. God bless you.