Spirit: Yogananda
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 13, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

My friends, I am Yogananda. It is indeed a great blessing to be in the present. For in the present, you can experience many things fully. You may bring many things to you in all their richness and beauty. To your conscious self, you gift the opening of reality. When you pray and meditate as you do, my beloved friends, it is in the present that God blesses you. It is in this awakened and open state that you are touched deeply by God and are not asleep.

All the machinations of the mind are often that which ensures that you sleep in your consciousness, though it is a waking sleep. It is not productive to worry and fret, to roll over in your mind so many thoughts of the past and to have great ambition for the future. Know the present is pregnant with possibilities. The present brings God’s touch to your soul. The present brings God’s guidance and inspiration.

So rather than applying many thoughts and schemes towards the future or towards a particular problem, you may open to God’s wisdom and the wisdom of your own soul and come with a solution that opens like a flower in your consciousness. With a deeper presence for the moment, these things are possible. The soul may speak to you. God may speak to you through your soul and all comes into alignment in this stillness.

You have all prayed in your own way for many years, meditated and made great effort to awaken within you the wisdom of the soul, the wisdom of God’s Touch upon you. It is a discipline as you well know. It is a need to take time away from this sleepful estate and recognize the true wakefulness of the soul aligned with the mind, aligned with God. This is the state of true inspiration and knowing of truth. This may come to you at any moment, given your effort and desire to be in the moment.

Yes, many teachers teach the practice of meditation but often they do not recognize how prayer may indeed enhance the consciousness that is brought with meditation. They seek the stillness and nothing but the stillness. This brings peace, certainly. But in the stillness there is great potential to receive from God and this is often lacking in the teachings of many.

Do not be content with just the stillness. Seek the deeper places that the stillness can open the door to receive and know. In this, many blessings come. So much is possible. God is with you in the stillness. Recognize the presence of God. Recognize His love for you. Seek to receive this gift of Love within you and you begin a journey of wakefulness, a journey of truth, a journey of love.

It is all there waiting for you, my beloved friends. There is nothing that will hold you back, other than yourselves who find the distractions of this world more important than the stillness of your soul. Listen, beloveds, beautiful friends. You are in the moment, we are in the moment, and we may come to God in this moment. May God truly reach your soul, your conscious self, your true self at this moment.

Blessings to you my friends, I am Yogananda. May you continue to reach for the light, the highest of love, the most beautiful connection with the Creator. God bless you. I love you.