Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 12, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Bless you, beloved souls. I am Mary.

God has a great plan and His plan involves bringing this world to harmony and balance. He enlists you and many others to be a part of this plan, to allow yourselves to be in the flow of God’s great river of Love and Will. It will bring about the implementation of this plan in your world.

You cannot enter a day with fear, no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing. Put aside your fears, beloveds, your biases and your judgments. Instead walk with the sure knowledge and the firm faith that you are with God and you do God’s Will with every breath. In this attitude and sense of direction and purpose, God may use you in many different ways.

God has a plan for each day, beloved souls. Each day there is a purpose. Each day you add another brick to the road that leads to the salvation of mankind. Think of your lives in this way, beloved souls, think of the possibilities that God may lay before you and that you may express in your lives. You have many gifts and talents. You are imbued with the Father’s Love within your souls. You are deeply blessed, beloved souls. Allow these blessings to shine through and allow your beautiful souls to awaken and be expressed. Each day is an opportunity to practice and express the implementation of your gifts in the world.

You may not be a perfect example of this but with each day you hone your gifts and your talents. You hone your ability to be in harmony with God’s Will and God’s Laws, His Laws of Love. It does indeed take practice, effort, expression, creativity, the beauty of your soul, so unique, being a light in the world. Do not hold yourself back with thoughts of not being able to do what is asked of you. For when you step forward in acceptance of God’s Will in a joyful compliance to His guidance, many blessings come. You need ask God, “Please take this fear from me. Please help me to be in an attitude of acceptance and joy. Please may your Love continue to awaken me and strengthen me.” These prayers will be answered, beloveds. These prayers will bring the many blessings that are required to uplift you and uphold you upon your path.

My beloved son was an instrument of God’s Will, a Prophet of Truth, a Channel of Love. He did not shirk from this invitation by God but grasped it and walked firmly upon the path that God has designated for him. Even to the end he accepted the Will of God. He did not refrain from his purpose or from his opportunity to speak truth. No matter the consequences, he stepped forward for he knew that his destiny lay in the work of opening the possibility of the Divine Love as a gift for all humanity.

So, he has opened the doors for you, beloved souls. He has paved the way for you to continue in this work and you are surrounded by angels who are eager to assist you, to help you in any matter pertaining to your well-being and your work, your spiritual work. Allow this to be so. Have faith that you will be uplifted, given the resolve that you will step forward. It is your choice as it is for every soul to open yourselves to God, His gracious Touch upon you. In this way, all flows in harmony and all that you require manifests so that you may do this work and walk this path and follow in the footsteps of your elder brother Jesus.

The power of the love within your souls, my beloveds, is great. You underestimate your own strength and ability to walk in this world as a channel of love, a speaker of truth, a channel of many blessings for others. Do not allow those things within your mind that restrict you to have their power. Let this go and say “No, I will not believe this error any longer. I am a redeemed child of God and God wishes me to walk in the world in this light that He has blessed my soul with this truth that He has given me, the strength that comes with all His blessings. I will walk with you, beloved God. I will walk in the Light of your Grace. I will comply to your Will with joy and eagerness. I will let go of my fears and that all that inhibits me from this journey for my soul is eager. My longings are with

God. My trust is in the Will of God. My strength is in the Truth of your Love that carries me forward and I will be your servant, beloved God. I will bravely step forward without fear or reticence. Instead, with joy and confidence that whatever God wishes for me to do, I shall do and you will show the way, beloved Father. You will show the way”.

Be at peace and know that whatever the day holds for you is a blessing. Whatever possibilities are laid before you is a blessing. Whatever you may do to further the truth and further light in this world is a gift that God has given you. Savor the Touch of God within your soul. Feel its beauty and wonderment. Be in the flow of His Will always and grace will build and build in your life. Harmony will be your life. Joy will be in every part of you, beloved souls. You have a great gift before you, a great opportunity to serve. Allow yourselves to be a part of this wondrous journey and plan that God has put before you.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Mary and I love you. God bless you.