Spirit: Abdullah Latif
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 29, 2018
Location: Sydney, Australia

I am Abdullah and I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom and I once lived in that part of the world from which you come beloved daughter. I wish to tell you that God is everywhere. His blessings are available to every soul who seeks these blessings, but God cannot contravene the gift of free will and thus you cannot expect God to orchestrate every part of your life and the lives of those around you, nor the lives of those in various countries of your world. This cannot happen. This contravenes the laws that God has set into motion from the very beginning of time. But you may ask for intervention and you may pray that blessings may come to those you pray for and this can change the events of the world.

How strong is your prayer, my beloved friends? How strong is your concern for your brothers and sisters in the world and for what do you pray for? How do you expect God to intervene? What are your concerns? Will your prayers bring greater harmony and love to the world? Your vision is limited. Those of you who walk this world, it is very hard to see the Truth. One must come close to God to seek the blessings of God, to seek the great blessing of His Love to open up those faculties and capacities of the soul. With this comes the wisdom and the power to bring change to the world. So many try to intervene with the power of their minds, the power of their ideas and their assumptions of what is right, what is of God. What I wish to say to you my friends is that you cannot know the wise choice unless you know the wisdom within you that comes with Love. Foremost, you must come with peace in your heart for if you pray in anger and fear, concern and indignation your prayers only go as high as your breath. You must pray with love. Seek the Wisdom of God within your hearts. Know the Truth of God within your soul. Know the Will of God in your mind. Without this deep Wisdom and Love, all actions and efforts to change the outcomes of the great flow of humanity will more often than not create greater problems and responses and reactions that do not quell the troubled waters but inflame the troubled hearts of humanity.

So, I would say that you cannot know what it is to pray until you know your own heart and know your own soul in relationship with your Creator. Otherwise, you just cast your intentions to the wind, neither heard by God nor will it bring any satisfaction to that deep part of yourselves. It is merely the words and understandings of the mind that knows, in truth, very little other than that which is within the minds of humanity. This is often untruth, distortion, confusion, and lacks love. You see, to be an agent of change in the world one must change within to carry a deep love and compassion for humanity. In this way, you will understand the Will of God. In this way, you will understand what it is that humanity needs so that you may pray with the intentions and desires that are in harmony with Love and Truth.

This is why humanity is lost. This is why so much in your world is chaos, confusion, pain, suffering and unrest. Where peace does not reign, love does not flourish, life is not uplifted and strengthened. The minds of men, the understandings of humanity, the weakness of the human heart corrupted and damaged by pain and material desire cannot see through the darkness and clouds of the human condition and reach God. Though this is a possibility, the penitent hearts, the heart of those who cry out to God will be heard and there is always a response, but one cannot expect an outcome that is obvious to those who pray. At times this can be, but most often wheels are set in motion that may not come to their endpoint quickly, even within a lifetime. Prayer is like that. It adds a stream of possibility into the mix and currents of the human condition. The stream may be nurtured by God as you continue in your prayers and seek to add to the intention, to the light, to the healing balm that God places upon whatever it is that you have prayed for. Prayer is like that. It is often illusive and unclear, but for those who are truly prayerful, to engage in prayer is an act of faith, trusting that God’s Will be done, that there will be a solution, a healing, an awakening.

So, my friends, you may pray for the world and I would encourage you to do so, but think of your intentions, what it is that you desire? What are you projecting upon your prayer to God? This is important and vital in the utilization of the laws of God to bring change and healing to the world. Prayer is powerful. Prayer can bring change. Prayer can bring solutions. Prayer can heal. Prayer can bring revelations, wisdom, and the blessing of Love. Pray, my beloved friends. Pray with wisdom. Pray with pure desire. Pray with love and God will hear your prayers and carry through in some way an answer, a solution, a way to bring whatever condition it may be to Harmony.

Beloved friends, it is good that you pray. It is good that you desire for the highest and the greatest good for humanity. The world needs more who are willing to pray in this way. For this will bring light and comfort, healing, peace, love, harmony. So, you continue to work for God in your prayers and your actions and may God guide you thus. May God guide you to greater Light and Love and may you carry a Light with you wherever you go so that in any circumstance you may be an active agent of God, a channel of His Love. This can be. This will bring change. You may be used to answer prayer as God’s active agent. There are many possibilities for a soul that is in harmony with God and seeks for the highest and may receive this gift of Love, the Divine Love that will bring the awakenings and openings of the soul and thus bring great wisdom and powerful messages to God through prayer.

God bless you, beloved souls, I am Abdullah and I’m happy to be with you today. Abdullah Latif is my name and I lived in the Middle East many, many years ago. I was a philosopher, a teacher, a mathematician, and had some influence in the courts and powers that be in these lands. God bless you. God bless you. My love is with you, beloved friends. God bless you.