Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 20, 2018
Location: Sydney, Australia

May I suggest an agenda for tomorrow? Since the two of you have indeed had a powerful healing and treatment, I would suggest that you take a day to absorb and integrate this blessing from the dear soul. I would further suggest that you take time to pray three times tomorrow and if this day is restful in between these sessions then you are assured to receive some of the messages that you are anticipating. To take time for this work and these efforts will bring the fruits of your labours.

Beloved souls, I know there are many things that may take your time and your attention. I would suggest that prayer can be your focus and priority. To be together in this way will bring great benefits to your souls and to your physical bodies and your minds for this growth of the soul, the awakening of your soul, and the educating of your conscious awareness requires time and effort to apply the laws of communication and rapport, to apply the power of prayer for your benefit. So I would suggest that a day of prayer and rest would be most beneficial and bring some eagerly sought results.

Here we are building the conditions and a portal making this a centre of light in your world so that we may utilize these conditions and what is built here for the benefit of your brothers and sisters of the world. Your dear brother, who prays often in this place, is helping to guard and facilitate this light, to bring the benefits that are possible through prayer, through our efforts and yours.

The world is in great need of light, of comfort, healing and love. Yes, you are drawn to see these parts of the world that intrigue and inspire you, to travel about entertaining your minds and your desires to be with others, to be a part of the flow of life. I do not disparage this at all but, I wish to suggest that the rhythm and timing must be adjusted so that you give time for the spiritual work that is happening in this location. Yes, I will assure that you will experience and see many things while you are together and many blessings are meant to come to each one of you, beloved brothers. Do not be anxious. Do not worry nor concern yourself with this flow of activity. As long as you are attuned to the knowings and desires of your soul and this way all will work together in harmony and flow in love.

This is a precious opportunity, beloved souls, a time that is rare and especially blessed amongst you. Give over your time to allow the workings of the angels and the blessings of God to assist you in your soul growth and to be used as a channel of love in this world for much can be accomplished as you sit in prayer, as you are together in uplifting conversation and loving ministrations to one another. This flow is easily recognized. It is not complicated. It merely needs your attention and your understanding of what is required.

Blessed and beloved brothers, you are embraced by God. Your souls awaken in this great blessing of His love. Our intention and desire is to assist you in your conscious awakening that you may know your soul and know God in deeper ways, that you understand the power of love, the power of love to awaken your soul and awaken the many gifts and faculties that are within your soul.

Your time on this earth is not long compared to the flow of your life for all eternity and we beseech you to make the most of this time for here in the world there are many opportunities and many blessings available to you so that you may progress and grow quickly in your souls and that you may be used effectively as a channel of truth and love, comfort and peace for many.

God’s plan continues to unfold. His blessings continue to pour upon you. You determine the timing, the intensity, and the extent of these blessings and this work. It hinges upon your efforts, your prayers, and your desires. I know that each one of you have a great desire to serve and to grow in love. Continue to awaken to this soul desire and express it with a fervency and dedication that will bring many blessings forth and awakenings and works of love.

We continue to stand by your side, to walk with you, to utilize every opportunity that you make available to us to strengthen our rapport, to encourage you to pray, to be in the flow of the Father’s Love and Light. May you continue to awaken to these possibilities and come to know your true soulful self and make this your focus and expression in life and may God continue to pour His Love with in your soul that you may see and know, feel and be in this love awakened in this love, expressions of His love through you, knowings of your own soul in relationship with your Heavenly Father.

There is great potential, beloved souls. So much awaits that you may come to that place where all barriers and distractions, all error all that is not of love may fall away, and love may reign supreme in your being, in your mind, and in your soul. That both parts of your being and all parts of your being may be integrated in love, awakened in love, expressed in love.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Matthew and I am with you. God Bless you.