Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 29, 2018
Location: Sydney, Oz

I am Augustine. You know no true adversity, beloveds. Your life is well insulated from true adversity. You want for nothing. You have all that you required to be in God’s grace. You are comfortable in your lives. Though there are imperfections, some difficulties and some challenges, compared to many in your world you live a life that is ideal. At times, we who are in charge of your progression and work and soul awakening worry that when true adversity comes your way, that you are strong enough to withhold against the onslaught of the chaotic world in which you live.

It is human to crave comfort and ease, and to seek to fulfill the needs and desires that you have. We would not deny you your comforts, beloved souls. But there will come a time when this world will be incapable of supplying such richness of experience and comfort and ease. For in the transition that is coming, there will be challenges. What is easy today will not be so in the future. We hope that you will not be disillusioned by these challenges and be strong enough to go to God to receive what you require. The strengthening, the peace and the love that will assist you in navigating through the chaos of the world.

Your lives are rich, beloveds. You have such ease of travel, such wonderful foods, shelter and comforts available to you. Of course, all these things come at a price. As you well know, the price that humanity is paying for its indulgences in the luxuries of life is the degradation of your planet. God’s creation suffers as you continue to consume and seek out the fulfillment of your material needs and desires. I know you see this inequity in the world. I know you understand that things cannot continue to function as it is. I say to you, beloved souls, that the time is coming when all the structures of man, so intricately put into place to insulate you from the harshness of life, will crumble and not be of great use to you. This I’m sure brings fear into your heart, a sense of concern. For each of you is invested in having lives that are comfortable and secure.

I cannot tell you that you will be immune from the consequences of earthly changes, for no one will be immune. No one will be able to carry on as they have in such extremes of materialism that are out of harmony with the laws of God’s creation. This is not so much your conscious doing, this condition of imbalance, rather it is the collective consequence of all the souls who inhabit your world, each needing from the world, each taking from the world. It is indeed a dilemma, one which you cannot solve nor could the mass of humanity solve. But it is God’s intention to solve this situation. For harmony must be attained in order to sustain this world.

There will never be perfect harmony in your world. It is too dynamic for such things. There is too much in play for the world to come to a place of complete harmony. But there are great forces at work that will bring into play the energies and shifts and conditions in your world that will bring a semblance of balance and harmony.

This is God’s work, beloveds, his plan for the salvation of mankind. It plays out at this very moment as you continue to experience conditions and situations in your world that grab your attention, that are overtly dramatic as your world is in a tumult and continues to be unpredictable compared to years past. This will intensify, these situations, these calamites of the weather, of the earth and the air and of the waters as you continue to add and add elements that are not in harmony with nature. So there is a response and a reaction, bringing fires and floods, rumblings of the Earth. So this will continue and, in time, will wipe away these structures of men, designed to feed their greed rather than bring all that is required for the harmony of existence of life in your world. But in time, harmony will be struck.

You will see and experience and witness in your own life time, a miracle of the transformation of your world, into greater light and harmony. It will not come in an instant, easily attained. No, there will be consequences and struggles. That which man relied on for so long, bringing you comfort, may be nonexistent in the future. But in its place will come a simpler life, a life in which your needs will be met and your spiritual condition will be of a greater magnitude and harmony, bringing less of a need for the distractions and comforts of this world. For you will be in harmony with God and know and feel and experience a sense of peace, deep peace.

Your physical discomforts and problems will be transformed by this light. Much of what you suffer now will be released and replaced by a body that is more in harmony with God’s creation. A spirituality which will be deep and constant in your life, a sense of your relationship with God, will be more intense and love will flow. So though you may release much of your needs for the material, it will be replaced by these deep and beautiful blessings from God.

Unfortunately, many will not accept this gift and release their hold upon their need for power and the material. These lost souls will not survive these changes in the world. This is why we are working so diligently with you, my friends, to put the word into the minds of as many as possible, that changes are coming, that God is peeling the bells that will awaken humankind and be given a choice to step towards light or transition to the world of spirit. These are serious matters, I know, and we have touched upon this many times. We continue to reiterate this call for greater light and for you to be strengthened and of greater faith so that you may indeed not only secure for yourself a life that is viable in a new world, but also to teach and show others the way to God.

Yes, much is given to you, my beloved friends. So much is given in love, to help to awaken your gifts, your soul. This is not only for your benefit but for the benefit of many others who will look towards you, beloved souls. Where much is given, much is expected. Do not assume that you may side step these difficult transitions in your world. Be aware that God will guide you, that God will protect you from the worst of these things, provided you are of great faith and trust. Understand that these things bring forth the awakening of humanity and the healing of your world.

The power of God’s Touch upon your world is immense. It grows with each day. It brings the power necessary for this transformation to take place. You feel a sense, a disconnection with the world at times, as those things that were so important to you in the past are no longer of such importance. This is because God is helping you to detach from these old ideas, concepts, perceptions and habits so that you may be strong enough to enter into this new situation without much anguish and pain. Allow this to be. Accept this new perspective. Be close to God. Continue in your prayers. Continue to awaken in your souls and to know the power of God’s Love which, in itself, brings such powerful transformation. So all will change and grow and evolve in this light of God’s Touch upon the Earth. You will find your way, my friends. You will find your way.

There is nothing to fear. Rather, a sense of gratitude, rejoicing in the healing of your world through love and a reorganization of your priorities and sense of what is important. That someday soon your world will be based upon the currency of love, that you will all help one another in this world, and that God will guide you to the resources, what you require and need to be in harmony with His laws and to exist upon this world.

Much will be changing, beloved friends. Much is changing. You must change with it and awaken to receive the dawning new age of light. Consider these things, my friends. Consider how you may step forward in your world in harmony and peace, in love and joy.

God bless you, beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. I am with you. I am very close, as are many angels that will assist you in your efforts to come closer to God and be in greater harmony with His laws of Love and creation. God bless you, God bless you.