Spirit: Copernicus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 2, 2019
Location: Waianae, HI

I am Copernicus. I believe that you all know of my history in your world. I have come to talk to you about the measure of time. For the measure of time in your world is very different from that of which it is upon our world. Within your world the measure of time is very precise. There are many aspects and elements of your existence in the world that are parceled out by the flow of time as the Earth makes its revolutions. The Sun and the Moon appear and all is within the harmony of which God has created in this physical universe. So time is easily recognized and you all live by the ebb and flow of night and day, of year upon year. So you acknowledge each year that goes by as you have done today.

But within our world, no such markers exists. There is no night and day, only for those who live very close to the Earth plane and are still living within that rhythm but in essence do not belong to that physical world. Yet they do not realize that they are no longer physical but in spirit. For those of us who are not caught in that delusion, the world of spirit does not truly recognize time. Though in many ways our existence is linear as is yours. There is progress forward as it is in your world and yet that progress cannot be easily delineated by segments of time. Instead it comes with the sense of our own Light, our own being gradually edging towards greater Light.

Even with those who are in the dark spheres, there comes a time in their existence where they come into Light. This may take eons of time and yet in their perception, it may not seem so. Although for some, it may seem greatly so. It is a matter of perception. But once a soul has found their way towards Light and begins to learn about the nature of their existence and the nature of who they are, so time becomes a fluid part of their existence. One may spend many, many hours of your Earth time, even days, contemplating a Truth and yet to them, it may seem an instant, a very short time indeed because they do not consider time. They consider existence of being in the moment and knowing in all of their being that they exist for this very moment and that existence is a natural part of their being in the reality in which they exist. This sense of being can stretch what you call time or shorten what you call time for there are no markers as I have said.

It is the choice of the individual marking their existence how that existence in relationship to time may feel. That feeling and sense of time then is dependent upon the individual. When one progresses into the higher spheres of life, even such a marking, a sense of time becomes more diluted in the flow of time, of existence, of progress forward. In the Celestial Kingdom, the souls who are there within this special realm are very far removed from your sense of time. It would be difficult to explain to you what their sense of time is except to say that when you wonder of the patience of your angel friends, how they mark your progress and how in your perception of your progress, it is very slow indeed. I tell you that to them it can feel very quick and not erratic but a beautiful flow as if they are watching a flower in the sun open petal by petal. So they see with each of you an awakening that comes with the opening of each petal at a time. With the perceptions of the angels, that marking of your progress is a beautiful witnessing of your soul awakening like a flower. So the angels do not fret or worry about timing. Merely the angels are within the flow of God’s time and the eternal time that exists in the Celestial Heavens.

They must mark your time in as much as when they come to Earth they must acknowledge your times together, when you pray, when you ask for their presence, so they must come at the appropriate time. Yet for them, the only sense of time truly is when they are with you upon this Earth plane. Otherwise, they are within a great river of existence and experience that is never ending. They and we feel and recognize the joy of existence in a way that you never can beloved souls upon this Earth. It is a great joy, an expansive understanding of existence of a soul in relationship to God, in relationship to the entire universe, in relationship to one another, this beautiful dance of existence.

If you might think of molecules that are spinning and interacting with one another, so it is like with souls in the Celestial Kingdom, all interacting and touching one another, sparking joy and insight and acknowledgement and many more things that are beyond your understanding. So the existence within the Celestial Heavens is indeed very different, very different from the Earth plane. It would be hard for you to imagine what this is like, the consciousness of a soul redeemed by God and continually fed by the stream of His Love growing and expanding evermore, experiencing and awakening to evermore Truth and Knowledge, Joy and Love.

This is what you will come to in time, my friends. I hope that I might have explained to some degree the differences between your existence on Earth and the existence of those spirits in the higher planes and those Celestial Angels in Heaven. You are aspiring to something magnificent, beloved souls. You will come to those magnificent understandings and experience. You will come to know the expansive joy of a soul awakened and redeemed by God’s Love. All comes in time, and yet in time you will feel that time does not exist. And so I contradict myself as is the case when one uses words to explain the infinite Truths of God’s Creation.

May God bless you, my friends, and keep you in His Love. I am Copernicus and I too am a Celestial Angel and wish, dearly wish, that I could convey to you more of this understanding of the ways of the universe that is in harmony and operates fully and completely within the Laws of God’s Creation and Love. But we try, we try, my friends, to help you understand, to help you to wonder, to ask for yourselves to God “May I come to know these Truths from my soul.” And in this experience of soul, you will truly understand. May God bless you and keep you in His Love. God bless you, beloved friends, and my love is with you. God bless you.