Spirit: Bartholomew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 2, 2019
Location: Waianea, HI

My God be with you, my beloved souls. I am Bartholomew and I have not yet spoken through this instrument but am pleased to do so today. I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom, have been an inhabitant for many, many years of your Earth time and continue to work with the Master Jesus and all the disciples and all the angels of Heaven to bring the Truth and the good news of the Divine Love to the world.

If you could only see the numbers of angels that continue to work with you all to help you come to that place of strength and clarity, of brightness of soul and love for humanity. For as you grow in this Love, as your souls continue to expand with the Touch of God within, you will come to realise your gifts and your particular journey of service for humanity. For, as we bring you together in these Circles of Light, what you call a retreat, they are meant to help you all to grow and to awaken your gifts of the soul.

For each of you is unique in your soul’s composition and your gifts. So I urge you not to compare yourselves with another, but to acknowledge and be of great joy for what God has created within you, a beautiful treasure chest of gems, gems of the soul, great gifts that are awaiting the light of day, the light of love, to sparkle within and ignite the beauty of each of these gifts that have been bestowed upon you and are for a special purpose that is a bright reflection of the unique properties and composition of each of your souls.

God has not repeated another soul in the universe. Each is unique. Each has special gifts. Each may be expressed in their own unique ways. Each will experience God in their own unique ways. For you, beloved souls, of this early part of your journey of awakening and living a life, are extremely blessed to even have a sense, an inkling of what your souls are and what is within each of you. You have discovered treasures beyond price, treasures that cannot be fully acknowledged by you at this time, but sensed by your soul and known to some degree by your soul.

As you reveal to yourself all of these treasures, so the joy will build within you, so the realisation of what God has created in all the glory and beauty of His bestowal upon your life and unique gifts, you will be astounded. You will come to recognise the wonderment that is God in His creative self, making each unique soul, bringing into existence something so precious, something so wondrous, something so beautiful that when you lay your eyes upon that which is within you, you will scarcely believe that this is so.

Each soul will come to the realisation of who they are. As the Father’s Love continues to awaken you and pull the scales from your eyes, so you will come to see and recognise your true selves and all the beauty within. What greater journey is there, beloved souls, than this journey of awakening, this journey of understanding your own true self and your own Creator? In this awakening comes a deep desire to serve your brothers and sisters in love, to have these gifts within awakened, these jewels to sparkle and to bring enlightenment and peace and healing and joy to another.

You have no idea what treasures are within you. Continue to seek the Love of God and awaken to this blessing that awakens all within you and you will see for yourselves the wonderment and beauty of what God has created. In this joyful awakening, you will come to recognise the power and beauty of your own creation and recognize how much God loves you and how much God loves every soul.

May God bless you on that journey. May the sparkling, the flashes of insight and Light come to your consciousness and be acknowledged as a gift from God. God bless you. I am Bartholomew and I am happy to have spoken to you today. May you have a day filled with light. May all good blessings come to you, dear daughter, upon this day and for all of you, a day of joy, a day of grace, a day of insight, a day of acknowledging your true selves. God bless you. God bless you one and all. Thank you.