Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 8, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

You have asked a question regarding the hierarchy of Heaven and are there creatures, angels created by God that are not of the same quality as the angels of the Celestial Heavens. I wish to say that these angelic forces, these creatures do exist. There are not many that exist, but each one is assigned a specific task by God and are endowed with great abilities and capacities to influence your world. We are aware of these angelic forces, as with anything in God’s Universe, all works together in harmony. We are not always subject to the desires of these angels and influence upon us, for with our souls awakened with Love, we are able to go to God directly to receive our guidance, to be able to administer to your earth and others. Yet these un-human forces are powerful and influential upon the earth and the Heavens and they too have love for humanity and for all creatures upon the earth, a deep compassion. They are more aligned with the elements of creation and they are aligned with specific elements, which foster the evolution and growth of the universe. They are not so much engaged in the welfare of specific mortals and spirits, but oversee the workings of God’s Creation as His active agents in the universe. As such, one need not be so concerned with these angelic forces, for they are not at your disposal beloveds. It is the Celestial Angels that may work with you and bless you and guide you.

These other angels have a work that would be hard for you to comprehend, to see without the faculties of your souls engaged in these perceptions. This understanding cannot take place without your souls redeemed in the Father’s Love where you may too become a Celestial Angel. In this awakening of the soul, many things may be perceived, many aspects of the universe seen and known. Until you are in that place of deep communion with God, such knowledge and understanding is far beyond your capacity to know and see. This is why we do not dwell upon these aspects of the universe and there are many more things we do not share with you because it would be very difficult for you to understand, to comprehend such intricacies and wonderments of the universe. Yet, as you grow in Love and awaken within your souls, certain realities and truths will come. As a mortal is it not a challenging task to understand these basic elements of the universe, those material things that God has created, your own soul, your own relationship with your creator? These are the things that must be focused upon. The other truths and knowledge is irrelevant to you at this time. It does not increase your soul growth. It is a curiosity of your mind wanting to know the structure of the universe. Yet when one can see these intricacies and elements of the universe with the soul perception, of what the mind perceives and knows is merely a pale shadow of the truth.

Truth comes incrementally and in accordance to your soul growth. It is unnecessary to focus upon these other things which do not affect you so directly. It only adds another complexity to your mind and distracts you from your soul. Yes, there are many things that may be shared with mankind but cannot be shared until mankind is ready, mature and in alignment with God. Otherwise such things become distorted, misunderstood, reshaped into some image which is acceptable to the minds of men. Our goal is to present to you pure truth, though this is not fully realized because of the conditions of your world, it continues to grow and be refined as your souls grow and develop the capacity to understand, to truly know. Some day you will know many, many truths, many aspects of the universe hidden to you at this time, but for now beloveds, beautiful children of God, be with God, nurture your souls in prayer, wonder about God, wonder about your own soul and your own being.

These things are important and need your attention if you are to grow and eventually come to that place where you can understand the deeper truths. Simplicity my beloveds, simplicity is the key. Do not overtax yourselves with mindful considerations that do not lead to greater and higher understanding of the universe. You are mere babes who cannot eat such food yet. We must stick to a simple diet so that you may grow strong and follow the unfolding of your beings, your souls in the Father’s Love. Though you may entertain your minds with these concepts and ideas of which I have spoken since there are indeed angelic forces in the universe that are not Celestial in origin, but you need not concern yourselves with such information. As I have said, you would only distort and misunderstand these things.

Be humble, be true to God, be practical in your soulful pursuit of God and do not over complicate your thinking. Absorb the truths that you are capable of absorbing. Pray for more of the Father’s Love to open up the chambers of your souls so that you may have the faculties required to understand truth. Do not put the cart before the horse as you say and indeed another piece of advice which we are fond of giving you, to put one step in front of the other one day at a time, one truth, until it is fully absorbed and another and another until you are ready to truly be open and able to perceive these more complex truths.

God bless you beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I know you are curious and you seek valid truth and we endeavor to give this to you. Much awaits every soul upon their journey of truth and so it shall be as God feeds you and nourishes your soul and awakens your consciousness in Love. God bless you, I am your teach Augustine and I love you. God bless you.