Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 2, 2018
Location: FUSC Burnaby, BC

I am Andrew. I am an angel, a member of the Celestial Kingdom of which the Master Jesus is head and highest and most beautiful of light and love. The air is thick with God’s presence beloveds. Breathe in this beautiful blessing that has come to this church. Know that God has blessed this place and all who dwell within it. You need but ask to open yourselves to desire this blessing of Love, the Divine Love and it shall begin. It is a gift that is not restricted to any soul but must be asked for to be received. Beloved souls, you are loved by God, each and everyone of you is loved by God. And that Love is a real and tangible thing that may embrace your soul and awaken your heart. That all the troubles and conditions of this world which every mortal must endure may be healed and neutralized by this gift of Love. Seek to know God in this way and an entire universe will open to you.

Your journeys begin at this moment and they are very long indeed my beloveds, they are long indeed. Build the foundation of Truth within you and all that you seek and aspire to and all that your souls long for, will come with the touch of God upon you. This place is blessed with many things, energies, portals, healings, gifted people, it is a treasure chest of light in your world. May you continue to come and be blessed and utilize the resources that are here at your disposal. And to give beloveds, for one is not meant to just receive, but to give. Give of your hearts, give of yourselves for the benefit of your brothers and sisters. With the blessing of God’s Love within your soul all your gifts and all that you are capable of will be expanded and be empowered by love.

God bless you my beloveds. I am Andrew and I am happy to be with you in your time together in prayer and fellowship. My love is with you and many angels come to share this experience with you. God bless you. God bless you beloveds.