Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 12, 2018
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Tis your teacher, Augustine. You have each received deep healings in your time together, healings that will help you in your work to come. Healings that will strengthen your bodies, will open gifts and will give insight and wisdom for the coming years where God will use you as His channels. There is much work to do, my beloveds. There are many opportunities awaiting each one of you. In your areas where you live, and beyond that, great Circles of Light will start to spread out into this world. Each servant of God, a channel of love, will be a part of this ever expanding Light that will come from God, to heal your world, to bring great change to the minds and souls of humanity. Those who are so lost will find some hope and truth and love.

God’s desire is that each of His children will find Him and come to know Him in their heart of hearts. So you must continue to walk in this world in light, to sow seeds of truth where you can, to be His instruments, willing and with knowledge of what God wishes for you to do. Continue in your prayers and ask that God will guide you and that you will have the capacity to understand and be receptive to His Will, and that the faculties within your souls will continue to grow and open and bring to you wisdom and understanding.

You carry many gifts, and in your own way, you bring hope to this world. Allow these gifts that God has given you and will ignite within your soul, to expand and be expressed and come awake within you, so that you may help to awaken mankind to the truth of His Love. The truth of how you are all meant to be in this world; in the light, in harmony, in love.

Know that we are with you, that we work with you, we pray with you, and we walk with you always. You are not alone. Each of you has an angel by your side. You are not alone. Walk in faith, beloveds. Walk with the sure knowledge that you are a child of God. Continue to beseech the Heavenly Father to bless your souls with the inflow of His Divine Essence. This will open your eyes, awaken your souls, and show you the way. God bless you, beloveds. I am Augustine and I love you. God bless you.